Modern keyboards

If the keyboard is planned for use in games or programming, working with documents, or

communication in social networks, you need to know a fewthings before buying it. The topic is not at all idle, forcing a person who has changed five keyboards over the past six months to write material about it. The material will not contain controversial topics about the advantages of one or another type of switch, the principle of operation of the mechanism or design, all this can be found on specialized forums and in reviews in the online store. Instead of this hackneyed scenario, I propose to talk about the general principles of choice, which I am sure will be useful to the vast majority. In the meantime, I'll talk about personal experience. It all started with the understanding of the simple truth that drinking tea at a computer or laptop with a wired keyboard connected to it is much more comfortable than running to the kitchen every time. Of course, this requires a comfortable chair, from which you absolutely do not want to get up. In my case, two MSI Vigor GK30 keyboards (retail from 3,000 rubles) and three different “plugs” purchased at a price of 300 rubles were tightly filled with liquids.

The MSI Vigor GK30 keyboard, which has the status of “waterproof” in the description of online stores (and not only Russian ones), does not have it, which has been proven twice in practice.

After parsing the latter, it was revealed that the edgeslocated inside the case of the film, which hides the contact electrical network of the switches, are carelessly sealed and in some places give full access to water. The liquid that got inside disabled the entire electrical circuit (including the control chip), which caused the premature failure of both keyboards.

Alas, the buttons of the next two budget keyboardsSVEN S305 turned out to be made of such thin plastic that after about a week of using each, the left “Shift” broke from a simple press. In the truest sense of the word, the button just broke in two.

SVEN S305.Both Shift keys, being the most frequently pressed of the wide ones (everything was fine with a space), move with the help of only one primitive vertically sliding telescopic mechanism. whole. This led to constant jamming if the finger did not hit exactly in the middle of the key.

For some time after, both keyboards still worked, but tea and coffee ruined everything, just a few drops were enough.

The last to be flooded and died from this was the completely budget Aceline K-503BU keyboard, which, according to papers, does not have any water protection at all.

Keyboard Aceline K-503BU

Needless to say, a simple sneeze was enough for her to stop working. So what to choose? Let's move on to the key parameters.


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Talking about protection against water and dust ingresskeyboard cases, you should be aware of the difference between the description on the website of the online store and on the box with the product. For example, on the “Market.Yandex” website, in the column of characteristics of the SVEN S305 keyboard, “water protection” is declared, while on the manufacturer’s website it is only the presence of “holes for draining the liquid that got inside”. But the employees of the DNS online store decided not to tempt fate, wisely abandoning the deliberately crafty characterization and not indicating anything at all. Agree, you can upset any warranty department before refusing to provide a replacement service by coming to it with a keyboard for 300 rubles and demanding replacement of the product after water procedures. After all, there are holes for draining water in any keyboard, even if they mean only the gaps between the buttons. But what a wonderful marketing ploy that gives indulgence to both the manufacturer and the seller! After all, the excess liquid of a broken device can be poured out simply by turning the keyboard over, and in this form it can be carried to the trash. Does this mean protection against water ingress? Of course not. So, you need to personally inspect the box with the goods directly in the physical store, look for the inscription “Protection against spilling liquid” on it, and not “Protection against moisture ingress” or “Drain holes”, which gives a more tangible illusion of reliability. But it is worth pointing out the existence of keyboards, which in wartime are used to connect to terminals, and in peacetime they act as an “indestructible” device for hiking, expeditions, fishing, and other things of the same vein.

There are many such models, frommulti-colored to two-color and translucent, but structurally it is always the same. All buttons, their contact grid and the controller are pressed between two pieces of silicone or brutal rubber, the same as in the rugs in front of the front door. In the first case, typing is difficult with “floating clicks” (you can’t immediately hit the center of the button), and in the second, it’s difficult to pierce an overly hard material with your finger. Both options are unsuitable for permanent use, keep this in mind.

Wired or wireless?

This is a very complex question, but selection priorities are always built according to the following individual criteria:

Pros of a wired keyboard

  1. Always cheaper than a wireless keyboard in the amount of a thousand rubles with a comparable level of technology for manufacturing a pressing mechanism and workmanship
  2. No need to charge batteries or accumulator
  3. A wired keyboard is lighter and sleeker with similar specs where comparison is based on the same button size

Cons of a wired keyboard

  1. Can fray, break, or break off the USB cable
  2. Due to the USB cable, it takes up more space in the bag, gets confused with other wires, and if you are a bachelor (or a single lady), then the cable will collect additional dust

Pros of a wireless keyboard

  1. Incredible mobility
  2. No threat of clipping the USB cable and dropping the keyboard (and anything else) on the floor
  3. Ability to connect to external devices such as a TV, game console or tablet, while you are at a comfortable distance

Cons of a wireless keyboard

  1. Price
  2. The need to always have spare batteries


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Keyboards from well-known brands

Whether it's a keyboard from Apple or Microsoft, Razeror Asus, EVGA or OnePlus, Huawei or Xiaomi, be prepared to pay 30-100% more than for the same, but not "fashionable". Amazing, right? OnePlus also took up the expansion of the catalog of products offered, Apple's laurels haunt anyone. The OnePlus keyboard will go on sale in 2023, but for now, the company has shared some details. The mechanical keyboard will feature "a carefully crafted aluminum chassis that delivers a seamless premium experience" and is being developed with support from Keychron. It also follows from this that OnePlus is going to raise the price tag quite well, and the keyboard itself will look like something like this:

Keychron K10 keyboard

How much will be added to the price for the OnePlus nameplate, we will find out next year. But if there is money, then you can build a kind of ecosystem, Razer, for example.

Image Razer.com


Friends, tell me if you filled yourkeyboards with liquids? And how did it end? How often do they fail for no reason? Which keyboard would you like to buy or would you recommend to others?