Mobile photography through thorns to the stars

Fashion to demonstrate the coolness of smartphones, photographing the heavenly bodies, has reached a new level. That all the moon was removed, but now passed to the stars.

In the framework of the preliminary advertising campaignThe flagship of the Nubia brand - so far on the officially presented Nubia Z20 smartphone, a snapshot of a part of the Milky Way was published in the sky of the Southern Hemisphere. The picture shows the Large Magellanic Cloud. It is alleged that the photo was taken on the Nubia Z20.

We even believe. Although it would be nice to clarify that in addition to the Nubia Z20 was involved in the shooting - another photo of the Big Magellanic Cloud or a telescope?

It is assumed that a special smartphone for shootingSpace objects will be presented in September at the IFA exhibition in Berlin. About the device it is known that it is based on the newest and most powerful Snapdragon 855 Plus.


Tatyana Kobelskaya