Mobile operators plan to introduce Mobile ID technology

Several domestic mobile operatorsstands for the introduction of Mobile ID technology. Thanks to it, subscribers will be able to simplify identification by linking the SIM-card to their identity. True, a number of experts fear technology insecurity. It can allow foreign manufacturers of SIM cards to steal user information.

Megafon was the first to propose this idea. Then she was supported by other representatives of the Big Four. We are talking about finalizing the concept of electronic passports with the addition of information from a SIM card into it.

It is worth recalling that the issuance of new passportstype in our country will begin next summer. It will be a small plastic card with security holograms and a QR code. All information is duplicated in a special application on the smartphone. The validity of the new passports will be ten years: then they will have to be updated.

Mobile ID may well complement the standarda data package, as well as simplify interactions with public services, various legal services, and so on. This identification technique works using a special applet: a software element on the SIM card. It is still unclear how real the actual launch of this technology is.