Mobile app released for Flipboard hydrofoil surfer (video)

Outdoor activities usingFliteboard’s electric hydrofoil surfers, manufactured by Flite, are becoming increasingly popular as they do not require high waves for surfing and allow the use of virtually any body of water.
The launch of the Fliteboard compact surfers was launched in 2018, and over the past time, more than 1000 devices have been sold that have been acquired by outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.

Made of hydrocarbon fiber,aircraft aluminum, composite materials and high-quality wood species electric surfer has a mass of 22 to 28 kg, dimensions 152 x 65 cm and is capable of speeds up to 45 km / h. The Fliteboard is driven by a brushless motor.

Autonomous food provides up to 90 minutes of extreme walks above the surface of the water. It takes 2 to 3.5 hours to recharge the battery pack.

To enhance the comfort of controlling the Fliteboard,carried out using a wireless remote control, the developers have released a free application for smartphones. Using a special application, the owner of the device flying above the waves will be able to record the speed, distance traveled, battery charge level, current engine power, elevation of the surfer above the surface and the inclination of the device.

This season, Fliteboard electrosurfers are sold at prices starting at $ 12,935 or more, depending on the scope of supply.

Source: fliteboard