Mobile anti-mosquito BQ 2444 Flash

Russian company BQ pleased with the new push-buttona mobile phone with peculiar chips. Actually, BQ 2444 Flash was not to be released to the market at the end of November, but somewhere in May-June, when mosquitoes become a real punishment and repellents disappear from store shelves. Then the model, in the set of characteristics of which appears “a flashlight to repel mosquitoes,” would have been snapped up without looking.

We have nowhere to hurry, no one is buzzing over our ears. There is time to wonder what, in fact, a flashlight can do to scare away annoying bloodsuckers? The answer, unfortunately, will not please. Nothing.

A flashlight with a yellow diode is integrated in the BQ 2444 Flash. It is known that yellow light does not attract insects, as white light does and attracts into the ultraviolet part of the spectrum. This effect is used in garden lanterns - clouds of insects will not fly into yellow light, suicidal moths will not stick around the light bulb (or at least there will be less of them). This, however, does not mean that there will be no one to bite. How can a mobile phone flashlight help in this case? Is that to light a mosquito in the eye.

Fortunately, apart from the controversial repellentfunctionality, BQ 2444 Flash can boast of properties even more prosaic, but not in doubt. This is a large battery - as much as 2500 mAh, the presence of an FM radio and voice recorder, a loud speaker. There is a choice of colors: blue, gray, black and red.

1390₽ at the start of sales.

Key Features of BQ 2444 Flash:

ScreenTFT-TN, 2.4 ″, 240 × 320, 167 ppi
Memory Micro-SD up to 16 GB, separate slot
Mobile networks GSM 900, 1800
Battery Li-Ion, 2500 mAh
Dimensions 128 x 53 x 15.7 mm
Weight108 g
Rear camera: 0.08 MP, flash, no autofocus
USBMicro v2.0

Tatyana Kobelskaya