Mobile 7-nm processors AMD Zen 2 will appear in 2020

In recent years, Advanced Micro CorporationDevices (AMD) is actively breaking into the market leaders in new technological developments. In the "processor wars" AMD seeks an advantage over its main competitors Nvidia and Intel. Another victory may be the next-generation AMD Zen 2 mobile processors, which, according to the statement of AMD CEO Lisa Su, will appear on the market in 2020.

Today Ryzen processors onZen 2 architecture, working in desktop computer systems are already created using 7-nm technology. Also, the Zen 2 architecture is used in Epyc server processors and in the near future Threadripper processors designed for the HEDT segment will switch to Zen 2. The next and final stage of the transfer to 7-nm technology and the Zen 2 architect will be mobile processors.

Currently AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors3000 are powered by Zen + architecture and manufactured using 12nm technology. Next Generation APU AMD Ryzen 4000 will use the new Zen 2 cores and an integrated graphics processor with RDNA architecture.

Upcoming 7nm APU Ryzen ProcessorMobile will compete with a 10nm Intel Ice Lake processor with x86 cores based on Sunny Cove architecture and a Gen11 GPU.

Source: venturebeat