Mitsubishi showed electric cars for country trips (3 photos)

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation presented seven new car models in Tokyo under the slogan "Next Era, Next Adventure".

Most suitable for a relaxing family orThe Delica D:5 Tough x Tough minivan and the Minicab-MiEV, a kei-car (Japanese small vehicle category) electric commercial vehicle, could become a personal road trip.

Minicab Minicab-MiEV is aa small electric vehicle designed for both personal and commercial use as a power source. The battery pack with a capacity of 16 kWh is capable of providing an autonomous travel radius of up to 150 km, which is quite enough for a standard country walk.

Designed for individual singleThe Minicab-MiEV B-Leisure Style has a body length of 3.4 meters and is equipped with various equipment, such as a car tarpaulin, a camping table and a folding compact bed. There is a luggage compartment with a comfortable flat floor, and the cab is equipped with a low table and chair. The outdoor canopy provides shade for the camp table.

In addition, the Minicab-MiEV B-Leisure Style is equipped withMiEV Power Box, which can use battery power to power electronics and appliances such as an electric kettle, coffee maker or laptop.

Minivan Delica D:The 5 Tough x Tough has a body length of 480 cm with an SUV-inspired body design. The car is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels with all-terrain tires, as well as protective bumpers at the front and rear. A roof rack is installed on the roof.

Delica D:5 Tough x Tough is designed for a small family. There is a high tent on the roof of the car, and a special sleeping mat can be placed on the folding seats of the second and third rows.

Source: Mitsubishi