Miracle The One - Unique electric car from Ukraine (6 photos)

According to the founders of Miracle - TheOne unique electric car, which by its principles has no analogues in the world. In addition to an unforgettable design in the style of the 1950s car (with an open ride, the driver’s central position, spoke wheels), it has impressive power plant characteristics (300 hp per 850 kg of weight - 350 hp / t and 50 kWh lithium batteries, which is equivalent to 500 km ) while the stake is made so that the driver does not feel modern technology and enjoys pure driving.

Miracle the One - the name of the car,created for one purpose - so that its owner transfers those feelings and emotions (which were experienced by legendary racers like Fundgio, Stirling Moss, in the distant Grand Prix F1 1950s) on public roads. The main technical characteristics of the car almost completely duplicate the legendary Mercedes Silver Arrow W196 (the last sold car went under the hammer for more than $ 29 million).

Despite its roots since the 1950s, a carhas a super-modern filling. For example, it uses two super-lightweight electric motors that produce 10 kW of power per 1 kg of their weight. To reduce weight and add reliability, the car uses 2 electric motors on the rear axle, thus eliminating the heavy differential.

The car body is made according to advanced technology with carbon fiber stitched with Kevlar thread, this can significantly increase strength with minimal weight.

This is a two-seater car; the passenger can be accommodated behind the driver, where an additional seat is installed.

The car is completely legal for public roads, it will have headlights, turn signals and a license plate.

At this stage, work is underway to createThe first test car, which is scheduled to be released on the road at the end of 2020. It is planned to produce only 500 of these cars, the first buyers will receive their cars in 2021.

Source: Miracle Press Release