Mintsifra offered joint use of base stations by operators

The Ministry of Digital Development has developed a bill on the joint use of base stations by telecom operators, reports

department press office.It provides that in small settlements, along highways and in areas with a low concentration of population, the dominant operator will provide subscribers of other operators with communications. The relevant document was supported by the Government and submitted to the State Duma.

“The bill will allow operators to work more efficientlyuse the fleet of existing equipment, improve the quality of communication and mobile Internet in small towns, help operators save their resources, not incur additional costs for users, improve the quality of services and help develop the communication infrastructure,” the ministry said in a statement. It is planned to adopt by-laws by the end of 2022, and implement them in 2023. Previously, tests were carried out on the sharing of infrastructure and radio frequencies simultaneously by four operators in Barnaul, Vologda, Chelyabinsk and Volgograd. The experience of combining four networks at the same time is a unique project even on a global scale, the Ministry of Digital Development notes.