Minitel 1B computer recreated on the basis of Raspberry Pi 3B (4 photos)

Released in 1982, the Minitel 1B computer was recreated by enthusiast Jeremy Cook using the modern Raspberry Pi 3B single board computer.

Minitel computers were produced up to 2012years and were used in the first online service for video text over telephone lines, which became the prototype of the modern Internet. Back in 2009, Minitel and France Télécom had up to 10 million connections per month.

Cook discovered a Minitel 1B on one of thegarage sales. For several years, the enthusiast has been replacing the outdated electronic "stuffing" of the computer with more modern, compact equipment. In particular, a single-board computer Raspberry Pi was used, and the autonomous operation of the terminal is now provided by a battery.

In addition, instead of the standard monitor in Minitelplaced a 10.4-inch LCD panel using 3D printed parts. The converted computer used the original keyboard, which integrated the Arduino Pro Micro to simulate a USB HID keyboard for the Pi.

The battery is charged via a USB connector, and the Minitel 1B has an indicator that indicates the battery charge level.

Source: tomshardware