Mining cryptocurrency on a budget video card - how much can you earn? New experiment

In the first half of July, Hi-News came outseven-day mining experiment. In it, three computers with different video cards tried to find out whether the mining of cryptocurrency really is profitable today. The answer was positive, but it was more expensive GPU. Will success be repeated if you take the video card easier? The verdict will announce a new trial - this time with five participants.


  • 1 New mining experiment
  • 2 Mining at Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti
    • 2.1 Projected profit for mining ZelCash on Nvidia
    • 2.2 Real Mining Profit on Nvidia GTX 1050 ti
    • 2.3 How much did electricity consume?
  • 3 Mining on AMD Radeon RX470
    • 3.1 Profit from mining on AMD Radeon RX470
    • 3.2 How much has earned AMD Radeon RX470
    • 3.3 How much was spent on electricity
  • 4 Mining on AMD Radeon RX570
    • 4.1 Projected Radeon RX570 Profit
    • 4.2 Real mining profit on the RX570
    • 4.3 How much was spent on light
  • 5 Mining at AMD Radeon RX480
    • 5.1 Mining profit forecast for RX480
    • 5.2 How much does AMD Radeon RX480 bring
    • 5.3 Electricity Spending
  • 6 Mining at AMD Radeon RX580
    • 6.1 Projected income from mining
    • 6.2 Real income with Radeon RX580
    • 6.3 Electricity costs in mining
  • 7 General results of the experiment
  • 8 It’s time to mine

New mining experiment

The rules of the new test coincide with the previous ones. So if you have not had time to get acquainted with the previous experiment, we recommend to do it.

And if you already managed, but forgotten - we remind. We take five computers with different video cards. These are Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti, AMD Radeon RX470, AMD Radeon RX570, AMD Radeon RX480 and AMD Radeon RX580. Models are inexpensive, on the same Avito for the already used card will be asked from 6 thousand rubles.

For each video card, choose the most profitablecoin for mining with calculator 2CryptoCalc. Well, then everything is even simpler: we connect computers to the 2Miners pool and forget about them for a week. At the end, we count and share the total profit along with the conclusions.

Mining at Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti

Let's start with the GTX 1050 ti, since this is the onlyThe green video card — that is, Nvidia — in this experiment. Our model has 4 GB of memory, which is quite enough for mining many coins. Mining profitability calculator 2CryptoCalc will help you choose one.

He knows how much mining brings eachcryptocurrency at the moment. With this in mind, the calculator tells you which coin to choose in order to get as much money as possible. If anything, all this is predictions. Looking into the future is still impossible.

So, go to 2CryptoCalc and go to the choice of cryptocurrency. To do this, enter the hashrate - that is, the performance of the video card. For the GTX 1050 ti calculator advised us to dig ZelCash.

By the way, if you don’t have to mine, and the phrase “mining cryptocurrency” causes a shiver in your knees - watch this video. Mining is much easier than talking about it.

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Mining Forecast Profit ZelCash on Nvidia

Cryptocurrency is selected - it remains to find out how muchtentatively it will earn. For this we also use 2CryptoCalc, but this time already specifically under ZelCash. For the week, the calculator predicts 2.39 dollars of income in the equivalent of ZEL.

The course we also recorded. At the time of the start of the experiment on July 22, it was 12.50 cents, and a week later it was equal to 14.05 cents.

Mining Real Profit on Nvidia GTX 1050 ti

After fixing all current and forecastindicators, we moved to the pool 2Miners and started mining. ZelCash mining lasted exactly a week - this is confirmed by the open statistics of our video card.

For seven days of work the computer brought 16.57259 ZEL or 2.328 dollars. This is quite a bit lower than the forecast result, so we agree with the result and proceed to the calculation of expenses.

How much electricity did it eat?

The main item of expenditure in mining iselectricity. Our computer with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti spent 130 watts per hour, which is 21.84 kWh per week. And since the average tariff in Moscow and St. Petersburg is 4 rubles per kilowatt * hour, we will pay 87.36 rubles or 1.38 dollars for seven days of the computer’s work. It remains to deduct expenses from income and get a net profit.

Bottom line: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti brought us $ 0.948 per week.

If you are disappointed with this amount, it is worth remembering important trivia.

  • The GeForce GTX 1050 ti video card is inexpensive. It should not bring millions;
  • For the year, the profit will be 49.29 dollars - and this is already some money.
  • Cryptocurrency rate can grow, which will have a positive effect on revenue.
  • Farm hashrate and electricity costs are risingdisproportionately. A computer with a GTX 1050 ti spends 130 watts per hour, of which 80 watts are consumed by a video card, and the remaining 50 watts go to the motherboard, memory, and so on. If we put two GTX 1050 ti cards, the performance will increase by 2 times, and the cost of electricity - by about 60 percent. If four: the hashrate will increase by 4 times, and the cost - in three. And so on.
  • Mining at AMD Radeon RX470

    There are four video cards we madesame. The first in line is the Radeon RX470. Note that the “red” video cards - that is, from AMD - cope better with Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Usually they mine these cryptocurrencies.

    Let's test the theory in practice. Go to the 2CryptoCalc and do the usual operation. The result is not surprising - the calculator advises mining Ethereum Classic.

    Mining Gain on AMD Radeon RX470

    Now let's fix how much money cryptocurrency mining can bring during the week. 2CryptoCalc predicts 3.81 dollars.

    And the current course at the beginning of the experiment.

    How many earned AMD Radeon RX470

    This time the result is behind the predicted. The RX470 earned 0.55406 or 3.32 dollars. Statistics are on the link.

    The reasons for the lag of real results fromprojected two. First, the cryptocurrency rate fell: over the week, it fell from 6.45 dollars per Ethereum Classic (ETC) to 6 dollars. Secondly, during the experiment, the complexity of mining increased from 115.06 T to 123.34 T. This means that the miners in the network became more, and we got a proportionally smaller piece of the profit pie.

    How much was spent on electricity

    Our computer with an AMD RX470 spent 165 watts per hour. For a week it is 27.72 kWh, which will cost 110.88 rubles or 1.75 dollars.

    Bottom line: AMD Radeon RX470 brought us $ 1.57 per week.

    For the year it is a pleasant 82 dollars. In addition, as we have already found out, the complexity of mining is constantly changing. If we are lucky and mine will be easier, we will earn even more.

    Mining at AMD Radeon RX570

    The next participant is a computer with an RX570. The video card is very similar to the RX470, so the calculator is also likely to recommend mining Ethereum Classic.

    And there is. ETC should bring us about 59 cents of income per day of work.

    Radeon RX570 Forecast Profit

    Cryptocurrency chosen, it remains to find out the forecast for the week. Go back to 2CryptoCalc and repeat the operation.

    Calculator advises to count on the equivalent of 4.07 dollars. This is a good result. Especially considering that mining is a passive income.

    Real mining profit on the RX570

    A week later, the computer earned 0.60282 ETC or 3.61 dollars, look at the statistics here.

    The result is again lower than predicted, but the explanation is the same. The rate has fallen and complexity has grown - hence the decline in earnings.

    How much spent on the light

    The final touch before calculating the profit is the accounting of the cost of electricity. Our computer with the RX570 ate 160 watts per hour. As a result, the week spent 26.88 kWh, and this is 107.52 rubles or 1.70 dollars.

    Bottom line: AMD Radeon RX570 brought us 1.91 dollars per week.

    A year later, the amount will turn into $ 100 - aThis is enough for another card. By the way, if you don’t waste your time, during this period you can learn how to reduce the power consumption of a video card and earn more. Miners with experience achieve 20-30 percent of profit growth only by setting the consumption of the card.

    Mining at AMD Radeon RX480

    Another red video card that shows its potential to work with Ethereum Classic. 2CryptoCalc did not disappoint, and here - we will mine ETC.

    Mining profit forecast for RX480

    It's time to fix the possible profit. The calculator promises $ 4.18 per week. Although the result will obviously be lower - just like other AMD cards in this experiment.

    How much brings AMD Radeon RX480

    Mining week on RX480 brought 0.60034 ETC or 3.60 dollars. Why lower? The same factors have affected: the decline in the cryptocurrency rate and the increasing complexity of mining. Statistics on miner check on the link.

    Electricity bills

    A computer with an RX480 spends more - 180 watts per hour of work or 30.24 kWh per week. This is equivalent to 120.96 rubles or 1.91 dollars.

    Bottom line: AMD Radeon RX480 brought us 1.69 dollars per week.

    In the year it is 88 dollars or 5580 rubles. Amounts enough to buy another video card. With it, mining will start to bring twice as much money.

    Mining at AMD Radeon RX580

    The last challenger is the RX580. 2CryptoCalc also recommends giving the video card to the ETC-pool from 2Miners. Great choice.

    Projected income from mining

    Ethereum Classic's mining week with the RX580 will bring 4.27 dollars in revenue. Although, taking into account everything that happened with ETC in a week, we will certainly get less.

    Real income with Radeon RX580

    Intuition did not let us down: our computer with the RX580 inside earned 0.58615 ETC or 3.5169 dollars per week. Statistics here, but do not forget about electricity.

    The cost of electricity in mining

    The RX580 repeats the result of the RX480 - 180 W per hour of operation. These are the same 120.96 rubles or 1.91 dollars of expenses per week.

    Bottom line: AMD Radeon RX580 brought us 1.60 dollars per week.

    Or 83 dollars a year. We remind you that we will receive this amount simply for the operation of the computer. Participate in the mining process will not have to. That such a prospect is at least worth thinking about.

    As a convincing argument, we offer a video on the launch of the mining of Ethereum Classic.

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    General results of the experiment

    And now let us remember all the participants and their results for the week.

    • GeForce GTX 1050 ti - 0.948 dollars;
    • AMD Radeon RX470 - 1.57 dollars;
    • AMD Radeon RX570 - 1.91 dollars;
    • AMD Radeon RX480 - 1.69 dollars;
    • AMD Radeon RX580 - 1.60 dollars.

    It’s time to mine

    2019 has become a kind of thaw for the marketcryptocurrency. Bitcoin even briefly rose above 13 thousand dollars, which provoked the jump of other coins. In other words, now experts put on a new growth cycle rather than a fall.

    This is favored by the coming into the niche.institutional - that is, very large - investors. In addition, there are new tools for investing in cryptocurrency. For example, in the second half of July, the testing of Bitcoin futures from the world-famous Bakkt platform took place.

    Development is in full swing, so our task is not to miss the right moment. Although any miner will certainly tell you that this moment was yesterday.

    Drop in to the telegram chat about cryptocurrency. All questions are discussed there.