Miniature Pokit Pro multimeter (4 photos + video)

Australian company Pokit Innovationsintends to repeat the success of the first measuring wireless device pokitMeter, releasing its improved version of the Pokit Pro multimeter, working through the application on the smartphone. Currently, the project on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo is already gaining $ 1.291 million (while $ 1.1 million has already been raised at Kickstarter in November 2019). One amount collected at Indiegogo is already almost 40 times higher than necessary to start the project.

Pokit Pro - mobile and wireless,It measures slightly larger than a standard ballpoint pen. Based on feedback and suggestions from customers working with pokitMeter, the Australian startup has refined the initial design of the appliance to provide Pokit Pro with enhanced functionality. This functionality includes an oscilloscope and a data logger with the possibility of 12-bit sampling from 10 mV to 600 V, from 1 mA to 10 A. The instrument can accurately measure AC or DC voltage, AC or DC current, resistance and ambient temperature, as well as check the operation of the diodes.

Compact size and functionality(voltage up to 600 V) will allow you to use Pokit Pro when working with lighting fixtures, automotive electrical system, and high-voltage devices. The waterproofing of the devices ensures safety when working in difficult weather conditions.

Pokit Pro passes testimony to a specialthe mobile application of the smartphone and transmits data in real time. Also through the application it will be possible to change the measurement ranges, and save all data. The presentation of test samples will take place already in January at CES events, in May the first customers with Kickstarter will already receive the device, and for users who place an order for Indiegogo, the delivery of devices at a price of $ 139 will begin in June 2020.

Source: indiegogo