Miniature Game Boy clone less than an inch in size created (video)

The appearance on the market of the original portableThe Game Boy console required the release of many accessories to enhance gaming comfort on small screens, such as magnifying lenses. However, there are enthusiasts who want to create even more miniature devices, for normal play with which it may be necessary to use a microscope.

Back in 2014, Kevin Bates released a gamea credit card sized Tetris attachment. He then produced the patented Arduboy system, which is a clone of the Game Boy, based on an open source Arduino. As a result, the developers have created hundreds of free Arduboy games that are no larger than a business card and are 3 to 4 credit cards thick. It was the smallest gaming system. Until the presentation of the next development of Bates, who decided to subject the Arduboy to the next stage of miniaturization.

New Arduboy Nano less than an inch tallcan stand on a quarter (a quarter dollar coin) without completely covering the coin. Inside the three-piece 3D printed case is a 0.49-inch 2048-pixel OLED display. Autonomous work is provided by a 25 mAh battery that guarantees one hour of play. The Arduboy Nano hardware system, like the basic Arduboy console, uses an ATmega 32u4 microcontroller.

Given the small size of the Arduboy Nano, it is rathera collectible device that will be almost impossible to play. However, Kevin Bates noted that if the model becomes popular, he may risk setting up production of a small series of such miniature consoles.

Source: gizmodo