Ming-Chi Kuo: iPhone 14 production will start simultaneously in India and China

Foxconn plant in India will start production of 6.1-inch iPhone 14 at the same time as China in the second half of this

of the year, according to the Gizmochina portal, citingknown informant Ming-Chi Kuo. Until now, Indian production has lagged a quarter or more behind its main manufacturing center, which is China. But now it looks like the brand is planning for the first time to have Indian production go hand in hand with Chinese production. Ming-Chi Kuo said iPhone shipments to India will still have a significant gap with China in the short term, but this is another major milestone in Apple's efforts to diversify its supply chain outside of China.

The iPhone maker is working on an expansionof its production in regions outside of China, with Vietnam and India being the most promising. Notably, the analyst stated that another of the reasons Apple is moving production out of China is due to geopolitical reasons. In addition, the company has identified the Indian market as the next key growth driver and plans to expand its production in the region.