Mine bitcoin has become more expensive than buying (4 photos)

According to some experts, Bitcoin miningbecomes meaningless. This cryptomonet on average in the market costs $ 3,600, and yesterday its value dropped to $ 3,388. But a year ago, the cost reached $ 6500. But it’s even sadder for miners that, according to analysts, spending on getting 1 Bitcoin already amounts to $ 4,060. It turns out work at a loss.

Mining costs cryptocurrency grow almosteverywhere. After all, the cost of electricity payments are increasing. In some places, miners were forced to pay at corporate rates, and somewhere mining farms have grown so much that the former owners cannot afford to serve them.

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It is curious that the largest miners of Chinamoved, settling near electricity generators. And they get it directly, almost at cost. For the Chinese, the cost of generating Bitcoin reaches an average of $ 2,400. And it is much more profitable than for everyone else.

Not surprisingly, with a general reductionthe pace of mining in some countries, they are gaining momentum - here they learn from the experience of the Chinese. The rest of the miners have not turned the case. They are counting on a “bright future”, because now impulsive casual investors are disappearing, they lose interest in the topic and solid financial structures. The pressure and attention to the cryptocurrency regulators also decreases. So, with the appropriate occasion can be take off.