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Millions of years ago, a 6-meter monster lived on Earth. And this is not a dinosaur

About 260 million years ago on the territoryAfrica's 6-meter predators that weighed 600 kilograms. The so-called anteosaurs (Anteosaurus magnificus) had a powerful torso, a large head with a very strong jaw and huge teeth. In the course of studying the skeletons of ancient monsters, scientists came to the conclusion that for all their physical strength, these creatures were not dexterous and hunted from ambush. At least, the researchers were sure of this until they found out about the features of their brain ... It turned out that they were still some dodgy and did not take their eyes off their victims for a second. In general, they were fast and muscular cheetahs of their time, real "killing machines". From the name you might think that we are talking about some terrible dinosaurs. But no - andeosaurs lived long before the appearance of tyrannosaurs and other such creatures. Very interesting animals, so let's talk about them in more detail.

Anteosaurus as seen by the artist

Who are the anteosaurs?

Anteosaurs had nothing to do with dinosaurs andbelonged to therapsids. In simple terms, this is the same group of animals as mammals. And dinosaurs, we recall, belonged to reptiles. In addition, anteosaurs lived on our planet 260 million years ago, long before the appearance of dinosaurs. For reference, the world's first dinosaurs appeared on our planet from 230 to 199 million years ago. In the days of the anteosaurs, even large mammals did not exist, so they were one of the most powerful animals on Earth. Of course, there were other similar creatures, but the anteosaurs were clearly the largest.

As you can see, the anteosaurs were very strange-looking creatures.

It was previously believed that these predators lived inthickets near the shores of reservoirs. Young individuals could feed on small prey, and adults hunted from an ambush on larger animals. According to researcher Julien Benoit, some scientists are confident in their sluggishness. It is believed that anteosaurs generally lived in water like hippos and during the hunt could only rely on their stealth and cunning. They were also somewhat similar to modern crocodiles - at least, they had almost the same tail. But recently, researchers have had good reasons to abandon old beliefs.

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Ancient monster of the Permian period

In the course of studying the skull of an anteosaurus, scientists came tothe conclusion that these creatures had a well-developed inner ear and cerebellum. The first is one of the main organs of balance, and the second is the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for coordinating movements. The developed inner ear suggests that he could be faster and more nimble than many other animals of those times. A well-developed cerebellum allowed him not only to move quickly, but also not to lose sight of his potential prey. It is no exaggeration to say that the anteosaurs were something like the cheetahs of their time. In addition to developed muscles, they had an advanced nervous system. Real monsters.

Skull of andeosaurus and human

Antheosaurs lived in the so-called Permian period.In those days, there were various beetles on our planet, the ancestors of modern butterflies, and so on. Dimetrodons (Dimetrodon) can be distinguished from large animals, the body length of which reached 4 meters. On their backs there was something like a stretched sail. This feature was inherent in many creatures of ancient times - it is believed that this part of the body was necessary for the regulation of body temperature. Dimetrodons were also dangerous predators and hunted every animal they could defeat.

The skull of an anteosaurus is shown on the left. The cavity containing the brain is highlighted in green, the inner ear is highlighted in lilac. Shown on the right is the brain of one of his contemporaries of a different kind.

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In general, a lot of people lived on our planetstrange animals. Take, for example, the Tully Mostra, which lived about 600 million years ago, which was first talked about only in the 1950s. Judging by the fossilized remains, this creature could grow up to 3 meters in length and lived exclusively in the aquatic environment. This creature had a long trunk, which helped to find food in hard-to-reach places on the seabed. For a long time, scientists believed that they were dealing with a vertebrate animal, but no - Tully was an invertebrate creature with a very strange body structure. In general, at the moment this ancient monster is a big mystery for the scientific community. My colleague Lyubov Sokovikova spoke about it in detail in this article.