Millions of smartphones on iOS and Android will remain without WhatsApp

WhatsApp messenger owned by the companyFacebook, in recent years has only increased its popularity among users. The application is constantly used by more than 1.4 billion people worldwide. Users “chat”, communicate via video link, make voice calls, exchange files and coordinates, and so on.

The other day from an official source it became knownthat soon this service will cease to function on millions of devices based on iOS and Android. The fact is that software developers decided not to support outdated models anymore. From February 1 of next year, WhatsApp will stop working on gadgets with out-of-date OS versions. We are talking about versions of iOS up to 7 inclusive and Android 2.3.7 and older. If you have such a version, then try to update it. Can't do it? Then it's not time to change your smartphone to a more modern one, of course, if you need WhatsApp. Also from December 31, 2019, the messenger will no longer be combined with Windows Phone OS, regardless of the version of this operating system.