Millions of people die from dirty air every year. How to deal with it?

Hundreds of thousands of factories around the world pollutethe air of our planet every day. For countries such as China, this problem is particularly relevant, because many Chinese cities are literally smog covered by industrial production. But the problem concerns not only the Middle Kingdom: because of the dirty air in the world, more than five million people die every year. And scientists say that by 2050 this figure will double.

Why is it dangerous to inhale dirty air

Pollutants (ozone and fine solidsparticles), invisible to the naked eye, contribute to the development of diseases of the lungs, heart, and also cause other serious health problems in people around the world, the researchers note. About three-quarters of the total number of premature deaths due to exposure to polluted air are in Asian countries. In China, such pollution kill 1.4 million people a year, in India - 650 thousand.

75 percent of deaths are due to dirtyby air, occur due to heart attacks and strokes. The remaining 25 percent is caused by respiratory and lung cancer, said lead author of the Max Planck Society for Chemistry Institute in Germany.

According to experts, small particles thatformed during the combustion of fossil fuels, organics, as well as emissions from other sources, are very dangerous to health. Despite statistics on slow improvement in air quality in Europe, experts at the European Environment Control Agency (EEA) are confident that air pollution causes 800,000 annual deaths among residents of European countries.

What diseases causes dirty air

Every year almost 800,000 people die from air pollution in Europe. The most (40%) heart ischemia develops, the least - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

They are so small that they can penetrate deep intolungs, in the alveoli, and enter the bloodstream. The tiny chemical particles we breathe can bypass the immune system and penetrate deep into the body. Naturally they are not removed from the respiratory tract.

Scientists have combined a chemical modelatmosphere with data on the global health of the population. The effects of pollution from various sources associated with the use of fuel were studied. As it turned out, the largest contribution to the premature mortality from air pollution is made by emissions associated with burning fuel for heating homes and cooking.

How to protect yourself

Despite attempts to limit emissionssubstances into the atmosphere, the number of air pollution-related deaths will increase severalfold in the coming decades unless urgent and decisive action is taken. Over the past fifty years, significant efforts have been made in North America, Western Europe, and Japan against air pollution — including the use of cleaner fuels, more efficient cars, restricting the use of coal, and imposing restrictions on power plants and factories.

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Knowledge of the main sources of air pollution will help to take measures to improve the health of the entire population.

At the same time, little depends on ordinary people. It is possible to wait for action from the authorities for a very long time, so if you feel unwell from being in a “dirty” environment, it may be advisable to think about changing your place of residence. Have you noticed the influence of ecology on your body? Share in the comments and in our Telegram-chat.