Milan Botanical Garden turned into 'world's largest board game' (4 pics)

Italian design studio Carlo Ratti Associaticreated the world's largest board game as part of Milan's annual Design Week. The project, called Walk the Talk, is located in the Botanical Garden of Milan and is designed as a metaphorical walk through Milan, including the main sights of the city.

The game invites visitors to stroll through the gardenthrough tiles arranged like in a huge board game and encourages them to think about “everyday choices that can promote sustainable mobility, including transportation and car sharing.”

The game consists of over 400 wooden tiles and32 different types of badges spread over an area of ​​3,500 sq. The installation tiles are covered with luminescent varnishes and films that accumulate solar energy during the day and glow at night, and some tiles also emit sound effects depending on the choice made.

The project is open to the public until April 26, 2023.