MiGueR M1: more cameras for even less money

Chinese noname smartphones are at times exceptionally beautiful. Here, rate a couple of new products under the brand MiGueR, which pleased the platform Aliexpress.

MiGueR M1

The wonderful MiGueR M1 and MiGueR M1 Pro offerexceptionally impressive looks for absolutely ridiculous money. The younger model will cost 3604 rubles. - well, where else can you find a smartphone with a triple camera with such a price tag?

MiGueR M1

Asking what kind of cameras, you will not? Look, there’s something like “Leica” even written. No, it is clear that none of this is not Leica, but something like Lciea, but almost the same from afar ... The resolution of the cameras is indicated without details - “main 5 MP”, “front 2 MP”. It doesn’t matter that there are three cameras on the back of the camera, and two on the front panel (only for MiGueR M1, the Pro version has one front camera).

The screen is already 6.1 ″. The resolution is decent - 720x1280 pixels, but it doesn’t match the screen format, so this data doesn’t evoke any confidence.

The battery capacity is 2500 mAh. Could be worse.

MiGueR M1 Pro

The chipset of a large number of good words is not worth it - it is not worth it at all, because the old stuff is scary, MediaTek MT6580A - 4 cores Cortex-A7 1.3 GHz. 4G support not. The capacity of RAM is 1 GB.

MiGueR M1 Pro

All specifications listed above are equal tothe degrees also apply to the MiGueR M1 and MiGueR M1 Pro, while the MiGueR M1 Pro is much more expensive - as many as 5480 rubles. The younger model is running Android 5.1, while the older one got a more recent Android 6.0.

Interesting devices, is not it?

Tatyana Kobelskaya