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Might be 28: The Legend of Paul McCartney's Death

Paul is dead - so they began to call the legend, or, asnow it is customary to say, a conspiracy theory about the death of the legendary musician, one of the four Beatles - Paul McCartney. If you have not heard about it, you probably thought the very idea was absurd. “Yes, Paul McCartney is old, but not dead. He is full of energy, continues to record albums and even star in music videos, ”you say. And, nevertheless, rumors began to spread actively about his death, and not now, but more than half a century ago. According to legend, the musician died in a car accident in 1966. However, the group's manager, pursuing mercantile interests, decided to hide Paul's death, replacing him with a double. As we know, since then the Beatles stopped giving live concerts, and soon the group completely disbanded. Conspiracy theorists find numerous hints of McCartney's death on album covers and in the lyrics of the songs themselves. Opponents of this version, including Sir Paul himself, deny all these arguments.

In 1967, rumors began to circulate that Paul McCartney had died. The fans of the group found confirmation of this in the lyrics and album covers.


  • 1 Is the Beatle Paul McCartney dead?
  • 2 Album covers hint at Paul McCartney's death
  • 3 Beatles songs contain information about Paul McCartney's death
  • 4 How Paul McCartney died
  • 5 Paul McCartney doesn't believe in rumors of his death

Is the Beatle Paul McCartney dead?

The legend became especially popular in the fall of 1969.of the year. Many believe that it was started by a certain Tim Harper, who published the first printed material about the death of a musician in a local student magazine, entitled "Is the Beatle Paul McCartney Dead?" In it, the author reported that he learned about the death of the Beatle from his friend, who, in turn, from a certain musician who lived with him in the hostel. Tim Harper also claimed that the group left many hints about the death of their friend and colleague in recent albums.

It should be understood that the year was 1969,just those days when Beatlemania seemed to sweep all corners of the planet, including the conservative Soviet Union. Therefore, the article really caused a resonance in society and went down in history. However, the first rumors about Paul's death began to spread much earlier - back in 1967 in London. In the February issue of The Beatles Book, they were even officially denied. Moreover, one of the employees of the press service of the group said that for several years letters came from people with questions about the death of McCartney, but in 1969 their number increased dramatically.

All members of The Beatles denied rumors about the death of Paul McCartney

Therefore, it is quite possible that the article instudent magazine was not a "stuffing" by Tim Harper with the aim of becoming famous, as many accuse him of. The author could really be guided by the desire to convey to the general public the information in which he himself believed.

But, an even greater development of this story was given by someoneTom, who phoned the radio station on October 12, 1969 and stated live that Paul McCartney had crashed in his car on November 9, 1966. Subsequently, the musician was replaced by police officer William Campbell, who was strikingly similar to the popular Beatle. By the way, if you are wondering what the secret of the popularity of rock musicians is, read the article by Ramis Ganiev.

Album covers hint at Paul McCartney's death

The famous cover of Abbey Road is familiar even to thosewho are generally far from the creativity of the Beatles. Subsequently, it was parodied many times, and the very intersection, which was crossed by the legendary four, became a cult place. In December 2010, it was even given the status of a historic building. But not everyone knows that this cover gave the main reason for the rumors about Paul's death.

Abbey Road cover could represent a funeral procession

Conspiracy theorists claim the BeatlesThe photo shows a funeral procession in keeping with local traditions. It is headed by John Lennon, dressed all in white and symbolizing the priest. Behind him is Ringo Star in a black tailored suit, thus symbolizing the representative of the funeral home. Next comes Paul McCartney - the deceased himself. The most questions to him in this photo, as the musician walks with his eyes closed, barefoot and out of step with the rest of the Beatles.

McCartney holds a cigarette in his right hand thatmay be another hint, since Paul McCartney is known to be left-handed, which means he must hold her with his left hand. That is, in this way, the Beatles hint that we have another person in front of us. At the end of the procession is George Harrison in jeans, symbolizing the gravedigger. The “tips” do not end there. If you look closely at the car parked on the left, you can see the number “LMW281F”. It can be deciphered as "Linda McCartney is crying, could be 28 years old."

The cover of the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper contains even more oddities

You can also see a policeman in the photo.automobile. He hints that the police are aware of the funeral, but Brian Epstein bribed them, so the police are on the sidelines. There are also similar hints on other album covers released after 1966. For example, on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s ... ”a flower garden with freshly dug soil and planted flowers in the form of the inscription“ The Beatles ”evokes associations with a grave not only among supporters of the conspiracy theory. A large drum can serve as a gravestone here. The Beatles are lined with hyacinths, which are often used in cemeteries, as they are considered the flowers of death.

Many people gathered around this "flower-grave"people who look like they've been recently abandoned. Moreover, each of those present on the cover is himself in some way connected with death. For example, there is former Beatles bassist Stuart Sutcliffe, who died back in 1962. Marilyn Monroe was the victim of suicide, Edgar Allan also tragically passed away. Although Bob Dylan did not die, he himself miraculously survived a serious accident. On the left, you can see the 1964 Beatles looking down and upset, with the exception of John Lennon looking ahead.

On the cover of Let It Be, Paul McCartney's face against a blood red background

Another cover with a hint of Paul's death - LetIt Be. All members of the group are depicted on a white background, looking to the left. Paul, in contrast to them, looks directly, while depicted on a blood-red background.

Beatles songs contain information about Paul McCartney's death

In the lyrics, conspiracy advocates also findenough hints. For example, the line (“He blew his mind out in a car” - “He broke his head in the car” from the song “A Day in the Life.” In the song “Good Morning, Good Morning” there is a line “death was instant”.

In the American version of the album Magical MysteryTour John Lennon sings “I Buried Paul” at the end of “Strawberry Glades Forever”. According to the original text, it should contain the phrase “cranberry sauce”. In general, it is possible to cite various shocking lines from the Beatles songs for a long time, however, it should be borne in mind that they are all taken out of context.

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How Paul McCartney died

According to the legend of the Beatle's death, tragedyoccurred on November 9, 1966. At night at Abbey Roud Studios the whole band worked on the next album. Toward morning, Paul had an argument with his colleagues, got into the car and drove away. On the way, he picked up a girl named Rita who was standing in the rain. Because of the rain, at first she did not recognize Paul McCartney as the driver, and when she realized who was driving her, she threw herself on his neck, which caused the fatal accident.

Paul didn't stop in time and drove out to redtraffic lights, causing his car to crash into a truck at an intersection. The girl was able to leave the car on her own, which immediately caught fire. McCartney was still conscious, but his fingers were broken, so he could not open the door on his own. Firefighters who were nearby began to extinguish the car, but did not have time. Aston Martin exploded, with the musician's head blown off. Since the body was badly burned, the firefighters did not recognize Paul.

Conspiracy theorists find other evidence that Paul McCartney has been faked

It was known that McCartney died in the accidentonly a policeman and a journalist who followed the musician in his car. The police, after finding out who the car belonged to, immediately contacted Brian Epstein. Upon learning of what had happened, the band's manager, after consulting with the musicians, bribed the police and a journalist, since Paul's death meant the end of the group and its multimillion-dollar income.

I must say that there are other versions.what happened, but basically they differ in minor details. At the same time, everyone is talking about the fact that on the eve of McCartney had a falling out with the rest of the band's musicians. Also, all indicate that as a result of the accident, McCartney was beheaded.

In such a parody form, Paul McCartney denied rumors of his death

Paul McCartney does not believe in rumors of his death

In the last years of the Beatles, PaulMcCartney did not really appear in public and rarely gave interviews. But on November 7, 1969, he denied rumors of his death in Life magazine. The musician replied with the famous phrase - "Rumors about my death are greatly exaggerated." He also added - "I think if I die, I will know about it first." In fact, the Beatles had already ceased to exist by this time.

In 1993 Paul McCartney released a concertan album called “Paul Is Live”. The cover of the record parodied the cover of Abbey Road. On the same car, the license plate was changed to "51IS" (there are 51). Paul McCartney himself is already in boots and steps with his left foot, not his right, as on the Abbey Roud album. Thus, McCartney, in a comic form, once again denied the legend of his death. How do you feel about this legend? Be sure to write your opinion in the comments. Finally, I will note that people love conspiracy theories, as my colleague talked about. It is quite possible that some of them have grounds.