Microwave weapon Leonidas to combat a swarm of drones (2 photos)

In modern warfare, combat, reconnaissance andinformation unmanned aerial vehicles are playing an increasingly significant role and can radically turn the tide of war. The recent clash between Armenia and Azerbaijan showed the advantages of using modern drones in the fight even against such powerful, but outdated systems like the S300 air defense system. However, for any offensive weapon, there is always a defensive countermeasure system.

American developers from Epiruscreated a high-performance emitter Leonidas, which uses powerful microwave waves to destroy drones, the principle of which is similar to the technologies used in household ovens.

Epirus engineers were able to create a compact buta powerful microwave installation that hits targets with a directional digital beam. Gallium nitride (GaN), capable of operating at high voltages and at low temperatures, was used to generate powerful microwave radiation that does not require large cooling plants or creating a vacuum in the work area.

The Leonidas installation can work in the modehitting an individual target with guidance along a narrow beam or in a wide range, capable of knocking out a whole swarm of drones and other enemy electronics.

Among the main advantages of Leonidas are the developersnote mobility, compact size, fast (several minutes) deployment for combat use and high "rate of fire", providing generation of up to 1000 microwave pulses per second. The complex is controlled by software with elements of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

After the demo test, when Leonidasdestroyed all 66 drones out of 66 launched, the Pentagon is considering the possibility of a mass purchase of serial military microwave installations capable of "frying" and disable enemy drones.

Source: epirusinc