Microsoft Your Phone will allow you to control music on your smartphone from your computer

Combining the ability to work with variousgadgets using single applications is one of the promising areas for modern developers. Microsoft is planning to introduce additional music playback controls in Your Phone. Further improvement of the application will allow owners of Android devices to view and manage music files played on portable devices using Your Phone application on a computer.

Currently testing newopportunities on some versions of Windows 10, and access to a wide range of users to such functions is planned to open in the first half of May. Your Phone application on your desktop computer will be able to synchronize with music running on smartphones. In addition, a mini-player similar to the built-in Windows 10 operating system will be available on mobile devices.

The user will have access to such items.controls like play, pause, start the next or previous audio file. The song title and album cover will also be visible. The audio player will demonstrate a list allowing you to switch between various applications or sources on your smartphone. Your Phone is compatible with the Android apps Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Xiami Music and Google Podcast. At this stage, videos on YouTube and Audible are not supported.

Source: TheVerge