Microsoft Windows 10 may switch to a paid subscription system

Modern software developerswhen distributing my products, I increasingly use a marketing scheme based on a paid subscription. This approach provides a stable and long-term income flow instead of a one-time income from the sale of a software package. According to information received from insider sources, the developer of the Microsoft operating system may also resort to this technique when distributing Windows 10.

Microsoft 365 Business Package CurrentlyIt includes several software products and allows customers to work with them on various devices without limiting themselves to either space or time. Users who are subscribed to 365 Business use programs such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and other office products that demonstrate high efficiency for doing business.

According to not yet verified data, Microsoft plansexpand the subscription for regular users and include the Microsoft operating system Windows 10 in the package. Moreover, the subscription is intended for new users, all customers who already have licensing agreements for Windows 10 or other products will continue to freely use programs and OS.

New customers will gain access to the software packagethe first is the need with the ability to pay monthly, and for users who choose a package with Windows 10, according to insiders, additional privileges will be granted.

Source: Windows