Microsoft will implement the ability to run Android applications under Windows 10 by the end of 2021

Astoria Transformation ProjectAndroid apps in the Windows 10 version may have ended, but Microsoft hasn't given up on bringing Google's mobile operating system tools to the personal computer platform. You can confirm this based on information from the official Windows website. Recently, the company has been actively developing Project Latte, which is an improved version of Astoria.

The first draft of Project Latte will beavailable to Windows developers and users in the second half of this year. Presumably, the new product will appear in the 21H2 update package, and will not include the most popular Google applications such as Gmail, Photos and the Google Play Store. This is not possible yet, as all of these services rely on integration with Google Play services, which is not available on Windows 10.

Latte project will allow developers to compiletheir apps and games, originally developed for Android, in the MSIX format, which in turn can be placed in the Microsoft Store through the Linux-based Windows subsystem.

Compatibility of millions of Android apps withWindows 10, and therefore making them available directly in the Windows Store, will allow Microsoft to expand its app store, which doesn't offer a wide range of attractive apps. In addition, the innovation is expected to improve the performance of Windows 10 ARM and Windows 10X versions.

Source: windowslatest