Microsoft will follow in the footsteps of Apple and Amazon (2 photos)

When one of the companies launches a new product,being highly popular with customers, other market participants consider it their duty to take advantage of the success of a competitor in order to get hold of a part of potential customers interested in new products. To do this, the "envious" produce a product similar in properties, and sometimes in appearance.

It is rumored that Microsoft is working on theirwireless in-ear headphones that can compete with Apple's AirPods. Details of the development are not yet known. But it is quite likely that the novelty will be supplemented with noise cancellation and symmetry, which AirPods is so lacking (you don’t have to look for the left or right earpiece), and also integrate with Cortana, the company's intellectual assistant. We also managed to find out their code name - “Morrison”. Perhaps there is some kind of reference to vocalist Jim Morrison from The Doors.

When the new Surface Earbuds come out,unknown Everything is still at the level of rumors. So, perhaps they will not appear on the market at all. Recall, a little earlier it became known that Amazon intends to release a competitor Apple AirPods with Alexa support to the market.