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Microsoft wants to create copies of dead people like in the TV series "Black Mirror"

In the first episode of the second season of the series "Blackmirror ”tells the story of a woman who lost her boyfriend in a car accident. For a long time she cannot come to terms with the loss and decides to use the services of a service that allows her to create a digital copy of a deceased person. A copy is created based on data from his profile on social networks, and you can communicate with him through a special messenger and voice calls. It sounds fantastic, but this is exactly the technology Microsoft wants to develop in the future. She recently filed a patent for creating digital copies of living or deceased people in the form of virtual interlocutors. Users will be able to recreate not only the virtual character of another person, but also his voice and even appearance. Sounds interesting, but in fact, this technology already exists. Amazing, right?

Shot from the episode "I'll be back soon" of the TV series "Black Mirror"

Digital copy of a person

Information about Microsoft's unusual technology wasdiscovered on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). And an extract from all this complex text was provided by the Tech Times. According to a published document, the company wants to create a chatbot that has the personality traits of certain people. They will be generated on the basis of data from social networks, which include photos, voice messages, wall posts, emails and messages in instant messengers. The document uses the term "learning", so it is logical to assume that neural networks will be involved in the technology.

It seems that in the future, people will be able to communicate with deceased relatives.

Judging by the doc, to download information abouteach person can use a smartphone, tablet or computer. The data will be stored on a remote server, that is, the technology will be cloud-based. Since the system will deal with highly personal information of people, the data will most likely be encrypted. After all, it's scary to imagine what would happen if the confidential data of people suddenly fell into the hands of intruders.

But as if this technology did not become the cause of sad stories ...

In addition to the text chatbot, service userswill be able to recreate a 2D or 3D model of a person. Voice messages and possibly call recordings will be used to recreate the voice of the person. In general, with the help of technology, it will be possible to create a virtual copy of a living or deceased person with the appropriate character, voice and appearance. Everything is really like in the series "Black Mirror", except that the company is not yet going to create a physical copy of the human body.

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Chatbot with human imitation

Perhaps for some it will be a revelation, buta similar technology already exists. Even more surprising is the fact that the company that developed it has Russian roots. Several years ago, the former editor-in-chief of the Afisha website, Evgenia Kuyda, gathered a team of programmers and asked them to create a chat bot with the manner of a deceased person's communication. It was the founder of the Stampsy startup Roman Mazurenko, who died in a car accident in 2015. To create a bot with the character of another person, the programmers used a selection of data from posts, messages and texts of Mazurenko. Ultimately, a corresponding bot appeared in the Luka application.

At the moment Replika looks something like this

In 2018, the app was renamed toReplika has become something of a virtual interlocutor who is able to support in difficult periods of life. Unfortunately, the bot only works in English. But this allows him to be used as a foreign language coach. In general, the technologies from the series "Black Mirror" have been around for a long time. Time will tell what the idea of ​​Microsoft will turn into.

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