Microsoft VR system combines real and virtual worlds

Virtual reality is getting closer toordinary users. Microsoft developers strive to integrate VR devices into real life. The Microsoft Research division is testing a system that allows you to combine the virtual world with the surrounding user space. The system is called DreamWalker ("Lunatic"), using which a person can use VR in open space while walking or on the way to work.

DreamWalker hardware kit consists ofHP Omen backpack, which houses a computer that receives a GTX 1060 GPU, Samsung Odyssey virtual reality glasses, Intel Realsense depth sensors, a Windows Mixed Reality controller, a battery system and the Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone needed for GPS positioning placed on the user's shoulder.

The use of such a set of equipment will turnan ordinary walk in the park on an exciting journey through the virtual world. The annoying road to work or to the store can vary depending on the user's mood using the virtual world. According to Microsoft developers, the user "will be able to turn a trip into a store, into a study of Viking settlements or a walk in Times Square."

The safety of the user's movement in the real world is ensured by constant positioning, which prevents collision with obstacles or deviation from a given route.

At the beginning of the walk, the user sets the route toany of the mapping services of the Google Maps class. At the next stage, the system selects the most acceptable route for the given motion path in the virtual environment. If unforeseen obstacles arise in reality, the route is corrected, for which a depth camera is used, which correlates its performance with the data received from the GPS system.

Positioning system can recognizeobstacles unforeseen in the development of the initial route, such as a lamppost or temporary traffic signs. The most important advantage of the system is the recognition of passing pedestrians and the transformation of their images into virtual space, which eliminates an accidental collision. Also in virtual reality, an arrow appears, indicating the right direction and ensuring the preservation of the right route to the final destination of the trip.

Source: microsoft