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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review: 2-in-1 devices out of competition

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Three weeks have passed since Microsoft Surface Pro 6 fell into my hands. I thought for a long time what to write in this review. Because it was not easy for me to tell you the content of first impressions.

After a week with Surface Pro 6, I was fascinated by it. But, so often happens with the new equipment, that the first few days are beautiful, and the following are not the same. Not this time, Microsoft’s 2-in-1 tablet laptop every day argued that it was an unusual decision and the purchase was justified.

Therefore, instead of writing a classic review, I will briefly summarize what won me over in the new Microsoft computer, and what else can be improved.

  • Device screen
  • Stylus Surface Pen
  • Design and convenience
  • Performance
  • Surface Pro 6 in work
  • Opportunities in games
  • Reviewed after a while
  • He is not perfect
  • Results
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6 screen is the largest

    12.3-inch Surface Pro 6 display with resolution2736 × 1824 pixels and a 3: 2 aspect ratio — at least in my opinion — is ideal for a mobile computer. This is less than the classic 13.3-inch laptops, so it is perfect, for example, for small photo bags. At the same time, the screen is not so small that you feel uncomfortable working on it.

    In addition, the ratio of 3: 2 really makes a huge difference, revealing more content to us and making even such a small display more useful than it might seem at first glance. I know that many people are worried about the slightly thick frames around the display, but I personally cannot blame the device for this.

    Thanks to thicker frames, there is a possibilityuse the computer in tablet mode, and they do not interfere in everyday life. In addition, the screen has such a high contrast that the system bars almost coincides with the black frame surrounding the display. It looks really good, nothing stands out.

    In terms of convenience, I am fascinated by the quality of the colors displayed by Surface Pro 6. The panel is calibrated at the factory as it should and perfectly covers 100% of the sRGB color space.

    I was also pleased to note that the problem of "leakageof light "at the edges has been significantly improved compared with previous generations. This is still happening (the specificity of LCD displays of thin computers), but so little that it will not be noticeable in everyday activities.

    Stylus Surface Pen

    I can't say anything bad about the Surface pen.Pen and its utility. Microsoft on the occasion of the release of the fifth generation Surface Pro brought his work to almost perfection, and the sixth incarnation brings with it even greater improvements.

    Parallax is almost imperceptible, no hanging. You can really be creative on this computer. And even if someone doesn’t have an artist’s soul, the Microsoft Surface Pen will be useful to make handwritten notes in documents or sign them. If you get used to the stylus, it will be difficult to return to a laptop that does not have this functionality.

    Surface Pro format is loved or hated

    I like the folded hybrid format.Microsoft tablet starting with Surface Pro 4. In the sixth generation, nothing has changed. I like the versatility of the computer, which at one moment can become a tablet, in the other - a laptop, and in the third - a desktop computer (after being installed on the table).

    Over the years, I have tested many 2-in-1or devices with a rotating screen, but none of them even came close to Surface Pro in terms of versatility and usability. In this regard, Microsoft is still out of competition.

    I understand the problems of those who have never hadcontact with Surface Pro. The connected keyboard actually behaves differently than the module built into the laptop. Indeed, working with Surface on your lap requires a habit and, frankly speaking, is not as comfortable as with a classic laptop. However, this is a small price for the other benefits due to the unusual shape.

    Many may not like the keyboard (even innew Microsoft Surface Pro 6). I like it very much, and I write on it with the same speed and accuracy as on a full-sized 13.3-inch laptop. But, before buying a transformer, you should go to the nearest electronics store and try it yourself to avoid disappointment.

    Iron productivity

    I believe that all Microsoft Surface Proreally need quad core processors. Only this improvement radically changed the way the device was used. Previously, Surface Pro was relatively efficient, but the dual-core low-voltage processor did not particularly cope with more complex tasks.

    In the new Surface Pro 6 is located under the hoodQuad-Core Intel. In my copy it is Intel Core i5-8250U, supported by 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory for data. The configuration is, frankly, average. And yet for three weeks, Surface had no problems with any of the tasks.

    Office work or browser? No problems

    Writing texts in combination with simultaneouschecking facts from a variety of open browser tabs? No problems. Photo processing in Lightroom, retouching in Photoshop? Nothing special. Editing FullHD video in DaVinci Resolve? No stuttering, if we use a proxy, even with 4K you can work. And all this in a case that fits in a small bag!

    Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is known to be smallA PC with a low-voltage processor, it will not provide performance similar to Surface Book 2, Della XPS 15 or MacBook Pro 15. This device is not of this class. However, given the ratio of features and sizes, the equipment is unparalleled.

    Opportunities in games

    As expected, Surface Pro 6 is not exactlysuitable for games, but ... a small session in Civ V, Firewatch or earlier names like TES V: Skyrim is not a problem for him. Although it is necessary to set the FullHD resolution and lower the details to medium or low level. If you need Pro 6 to replace the console or gaming computer, alas - it is not designed for this.

    Three weeks later

    Every geek knows that feeling; when equipmentit becomes so beautiful that sometimes you just want to look at it and soak up the whole genius of designers. That is my feeling from working with Microsoft Surface Pro 6. But, the silver version does not make such an impression as Matte Black.

    I have no idea how this trim will beIt looks after a year / two of use, but after three weeks and many stays in my photo bag, it still looks perfect. If someone is considering buying Surface Pro 6, it would be foolish not to choose the black version. This is exactly what I said.

    Not all gold is Microsoft Surface Pro 6

    After three weeks with Surface Pro 6 from Microsoft, I have some reservations and comments:

    • The keyboard should be bundled, and it’s sad that you have to pay extra for it.
    • No Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C in the 2018 hardware makes it a bit obsolete.
    • Pro 6 is not recoverable. If something happens to the gadget, there will be only a guarantee or an authorized service.

    Within three weeks I noticed a fewparts that are not disclosed immediately. First of all, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 gets very hot under load. This does not cause a noticeable decrease in performance, but long sessions with intense tasks lead to uncomfortably high body temperatures around the camera.

    There is also a dramatic difference inperformance of the connected computer and when running on battery. This seems like a typical problem, but in the case of Surface, the difference struck me more than any other computer I’ve recently experienced.

    I also noticed a very strange battery behavior. During the first week, when I didn’t load the hybrid too hard, I effortlessly received 8 hours without an outlet. This was achieved, only during office work, at an average screen brightness.

    Just turn on Lightroom or other resource-intensive.program to unload Surface Pro 6 at a really fast pace. An hour of work on photographs sometimes led to losses of up to 60% of energy. Surprisingly, Pro 6 consumes a lot of energy when streaming video over a network.

    I suspect this may be an early mistake.firmware to be fixed with updates. Microsoft Surface devices, unfortunately, have a notorious feature when weird bugs appear at the initial sales stage. Fortunately, Microsoft quickly fixes them, and I hope that things will improve over time.


    I really rarely enjoyuse of such uniquely good equipment. In the case of most laptops with Windows 10, I have more reasons to complain and point out errors. Therefore, it is often necessary to look for advantages for a long time, and my opinion is not critical.

    Surface Pro 6 is exactly the opposite. Here you have to look for defects, because, apart from several of the aforementioned reservations, it is really hard to blame at least any computer from Microsoft.

    Considering all these advantages, I can not sayMicrosoft Surface Pro 6 seems overly expensive. A tested copy costs a little more than 100 thousand rubles. (7000 r. For the keyboard). Almost as much is being asked for a relatively equipped MacBook Pro 13, which does not have a quad-core processor in a configuration without a touch panel.

    No wonder I’m comparing Surface Pro 6 with a MacBook. In the world of Windows 10, only another Microsoft computer can rival Apple's Surface Laptop 2, which is in the same league.

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