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Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio review: the best convertible laptop for creative users


  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Specifications
  • Design and construction
  • Connectors and cooling system
  • Laptop screen
  • Keyboard and touchpad
  • Stylus Slim Pen 2
  • Webcam and sound
  • Component performance
  • Autonomy Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio
  • Total
  • Should I buy
  • Review Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio - video
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio - new laptopto work with content, which replaced the Surface Book. It features a unique form factor and solves many of the problems that its predecessor had.

    Surface Laptop Studio's design is similar to AcerConceptD 3 Ezel and HP Elite Folio, although these models are intended for different categories of buyers. In fact, this is an analogue of Microsoft Surface Studio in the form of a laptop, and it turned out to be quite successful.

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    Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Specifications


    14.4 '' PixelSense Flow Display, Resolution2400 × 1600 (201 ppi), refresh rate: up to 120 Hz, aspect ratio: 3: 2, contrast ratio: 1500: 1, touchscreen: 10-point multitouch, Dolby Vision support


    Intel H35 Core i5-11300H / Intel Core H35 i7-11370H 11th Generation


    Iris Xe, NVIDIA 3050 TI / RTX A2000 with 4GB GDDR6 GPU Memory


    12.72 x 8.98 x 0.746 in. (323.28 x 228.32 x 18.94 mm), 4.00 lb (1820.2 g)


    16/32 GB LPDDR4x

    Inner memory

    512/1 TB SSD

    Ports and connectors

    2 × USB 4.0 with Thunderbolt 4 technology, 3.5mm headphone jack support, 1 × Surface Connect


    TPM 2.0 chip for enterprise security and support for enterprise-grade security, Windows Hello face unlock, enhanced Windows hardware security

    Cameras, video and audio

    Windows Hello face authentication camera, 1080p front camera
    Dual studio microphones

    Four Omnisonic speakers with Dolby Atmos


    Wi-Fi 6: 802.11ax, Bluetooth Wireless 5.1 technology


    Backlit mechanical keys, QWERTY, full range of function keys (F1-F12), Windows and media control buttons, screen brightness

    Battery and autonomy

    58Wh, up to 18 hours of typical use

    Body material

    Magnesium alloy




    From $ 1599.99 (115 thousand rubles)

    Design and construction

    Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is one of the few Microsoft laptops made from the company's traditional magnesium alloy.

    The new devices use a magnesium alloy,which is much lighter than aluminum. However, the main design feature of the model is not materials, but an unusual form factor. The screen slides forward and can then be positioned at a 45 degree angle or placed on the keyboard. In this form, it will turn into a tablet.

    We have already seen a similar solution in the HP Elite Folio andAcer ConceptD Ezel, so there are no breakthrough technologies here. But thanks to the lightweight body, the laptop is comfortable to hold in your hands for a long time, unlike the Surface Pro and many other 2-in-1 tablets. This is one of three modes of use for Surface Laptop Studio.

    The second mode is "scene", in which you canplace the bottom of the screen in the space between the keyboard and touchpad. Convenient while watching videos - on ordinary laptops, the keyboard, which is practically unnecessary, gets in the way, and in this regard, Surface Laptop Studio is much more convenient. This mode is also suitable for using a stylus. The third mode is normal, like a laptop.

    Connectors and cooling system

    At the bottom of the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio are the fans, which, due to the powerful iron, have to remove more heat than the Surface Book 3.

    The outlet goes to the sides, and if you use a mouse, you will constantly feel warm air currents. This is not a serious problem, but it can cause some discomfort.

    On the right side of the Surface Laptop Studio isSurface Connect port and 3.5mm headphone jack. The location of the latter will definitely please you if you've ever used Surface Book 3. There, for some reason, this connector was on the side of the screen, in the upper part. If you plugged in cable headphones, the wire was constantly dangling in front of the screen.

    Surface Connect looks like a card slotSD memory, however, the Laptop Studio does not have an SD or microSD slot. On the left, you'll find two Thunderbolt 4 ports (Microsoft finally added them to the Surface lineup). All top-tier laptops have been Thunderbolt for a few years now, but not from Microsoft.

    Support for this technology is important now and stillwill become more important in the future. You can plug in any Thunderbolt 3 or 4 dock and plug in an 8K monitor or transfer data at 40Gbps. You can even connect an external video card. With just one cable, the device turns into a real gaming machine.

    Laptop screen

    The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio has a 14.4-inch display with a 3: 2 aspect ratio, which seems ideal here.

    But the resolution of 2400 × 1600 pixels could beabove - the 13.5-inch Surface Book 3 is 3000 × 2000, while the Surface Pro 8 is 2880 × 1920. There are no problems with detail, although it's strange why Microsoft decided to lower the resolution - perhaps to save battery power.

    But there is a refresh rate of 120 Hz, morepleasing to the eye. Previously, it was only on gaming laptops, but recently it has become obvious that high frequencies are necessary in everyday use. Unfortunately, it is not dynamic, Microsoft promises to add this feature in a future update, there are no specific dates yet.

    The screen is highly reflective, making it difficult tousing the device outdoors. Color space coverage is wide: 100% for sRGB, 80% for NTSC, 83% for Adobe RGB, and 87% for P3. The results are great, especially if you are a content professional, although the Dell XPS models are slightly better in this regard.

    The maximum brightness reaches 500 nits, and the contrast ratio is 1480: 1. For a laptop screen, the performance is good.

    Keyboard and touchpad

    The keyboard is another aspect of Microsoft's Surface Laptop Studio borrowed from the Surface Laptop line.

    The backlit keys are made of plastic, butthe keyboard is of excellent quality. The stroke of the keys is matched perfectly, so typing is very comfortable. The touchpad is even better implemented. It doesn't slide down when pressed like the Apple MacBook Pro, although the tactile feedback does make it seem to move.

    The touchpad was developed by Microsoft itself, notordered from a third-party manufacturer, and the manufacturer coped with this task flawlessly. During operation, the touch panel is silent and supports multiple taps.

    Stylus Slim Pen 2

    Along with the Surface Laptop Studio, Microsoft has released the Slim Pen 2, which is incredibly good.

    The stylus is stored on the underside of the SurfaceLaptop Studio, with space allocated on all four sides of the case. This is a strange decision, because a regular slot somewhere on the side would suffice. The stylus is magnetically attached.

    Using Slim Pen 2 feels like writing with a penon the paper. Even if you've used a lot of styluses before, this one should pleasantly surprise you. Externally, it does not differ from the original Slim Pen, which is intended only for Surface Pro X. The new version works with Laptop Studio and Pro 8. So far, only these two models support tactile feedback. Surface Duo 2 should join them soon.

    The stylus is charged wirelessly on the bottomparts of the case, therefore always ready for use. The Surface Pen had to be recharged via the USB-C connector, which was a problem - the stylus could run out of power at any time.

    Unfortunately, haptic feedback worksonly in certain applications, mostly from Microsoft. It's especially disappointing that this feature isn't present in OneNote. Given the time and effort that Microsoft put into developing the stylus, one would expect wider feedback support in standard applications.

    Webcam and sound

    The bezels around the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio display are thin, but there is room for a webcam.

    Alas, the resolution of the photo from the camera is only2.1 megapixels, and video at 1080p, which is better than the rest of the 720p models. Curiously, due to the low resolution of the display and the quality of the webcam, Laptop Studio resembles the new Surface Laptop 3, although formally it is a continuation of the Surface Book 3. This is probably the way it should be for a device that combines two lines into one.

    Surface Laptop Studio sound qualitySuperb - Four speakers with Dolby Atmos support are installed for high-quality sound. With dual long-range microphones on the case, the laptop is ideal for video conferencing.

    Component performance

    The advantage of the new form factor Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is not only in different modes of use, but also in the hardware, which has become much better.

    Formerly processor, RAM, internalthe drive and battery were placed under the screen so that the screen could be detached and used as a full-fledged device. This is not necessary here, so the laptop's capabilities are impressive. Surface Laptop Studio is suitable for professional content work. High performance is provided by a quad-core processor of the Intel Tiger Lake H35 family. Its maximum power consumption is 35 watts.

    You can choose to build with Core i5-11300H or Corei7-11370H. In the first case, there will be no discrete video card - the integrated Iris Xe works with graphics. When purchasing the second option, you can choose between NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti and RTX A2000, and the volume of GDDR6 video memory is 4 GB. For such a light laptop, the hardware is impressive.

    In the GeekBench 5 test, the version with Core i7-11370Hshows a result of 1546/5826 points in single-core and multi-core modes. For example, Dell XPS 15 9510 on Core i7-11800H scores 1538/7514 points, but the processor also has more cores. The main point, however, is that the Surface Laptop Studio is significantly more powerful than the Surface Book 3 (1318/4775 points).

    The 3DMark Time Spy graphics test gives the monitoredLaptop Studio version with RTX A2000 graphics card high score - 5075 points. This is much better than the Surface Book 3 (3191 points), and beats the Dell XPS 15 9510 on the RTX 3050 Ti (4801).

    Autonomy Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

    The autonomy of the Surface Laptop Studio is pleasantly surprising, you can work from 4.5 to 6 hours on a single charge.

    For a laptop with such components and technologiesIs an outstanding result. The usage time also depends on the brightness of the screen. You can save some power by putting your device into power saving mode or setting the refresh rate to 60 Hz.


    Due to its unique design and rather high price, it is difficult to unambiguously recommend Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio for purchase - it all depends on your needs.

    If you do not edit video and do not processIf you're looking for photography, it's better to take a Surface Laptop 4. The Surface Laptop Studio is also ideal for using a stylus. When you don't plan on using it often, the Dell XPS 15 will be preferable.

    However, Laptop Studio's keyboard is excellent.the screen slides out and allows you to use the device in three different modes, and the refresh rate of 120 Hz ensures comfortable operation. It lacks a slot for a memory card and a higher resolution webcam, but these are minor details.

    The productive components are also striking, alreadyThunderbolt 4 connectors have appeared, so you can connect an external graphics card or 8K monitor. The Tiger Lake H35 family of processors provide high performance, and this does not affect battery life.

    Should I buy

    If you are looking for a laptop for creative work, there is simply no better option. Generally speaking, though, Microsoft's Surface Laptop Studio is good in every way.

    Yandex Market Review of Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio - video

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