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Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Review: This is how every Windows laptop should work.

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“Live extraordinary” - under this slogan is advertised Microsoft Surface Laptop 2, which recently went on sale. I spent several weeks with this laptop, and I can say a lot about it.

With such equipment it is difficult to part. Moreover, in the world of laptops with Windows 10 a computer that: is beautiful, does an excellent job and does not cause problems, this is a rarity. But, this is exactly what Surface Laptop 2 is. Perhaps it is not perfect and has several drawbacks. However, there is no other such special notebook on Windows 10 on the market.

  • Design and construction
  • Laptop screen
  • Sound and speakers
  • Performance
  • Keyboard and trackpad
  • System and software
  • Battery autonomy
  • Device flaws
  • Should I buy?
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Design

    Designers really did their best,Surface Laptop 2 pleases the eye. Outside, the device is minimalist, simple and stylish, and after lifting the lid, a unique Alcantara surface appears. How this material will look after many years of work - I do not know. It all depends on proper handling and care.

    However, we are guaranteed experience usingwhich no other computer offers, because instead of cold metal or creaking plastic, the hands land on a nice velvety surface.

    The mass and design of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is alsocontribute to the overall beauty of perception. With a weight of about 1.3 kg and a thickness of only 14.5 mm, this computer looks great both during work on the knees and on the table. The aluminum case is very durable and reliable, the cover can be opened with one finger, which is the norm for Apple devices, although it is rarely found on computers with Windows.

    Laptop screen

    The 13.5-inch touchscreen Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 with a resolution of 2256 × 1504 and a 3: 2 aspect ratio looks great.

    Objectively speaking, this is not such a good display,as in Surface Pro 6 or Surface Book 2, as it has a lower resolution, and provides a lower pixel density. In addition, its contrast is lower than that of other Surfaces, so the rays of Windows 10 do not “smoothly” merge with the bottom frame of the panel. There is also a significant decrease in light at the bottom, although this does not affect daily work.

    The above paragraph does not change the fact thatthe vast majority of users display Surface Laptop 2 is delighted. And even more demanding customers - graphic designers, photographers - will take it with joy. The sRGB color palette here is displayed correctly and beautifully.

    Sound and speakers

    Microsoft used on Surface Laptop 2 veryAn interesting solution created in collaboration with Dolby. The speakers are located under the keyboard and use the entire surface for resonance. As a result, we get unexpectedly loud, clear and full sound.

    In the world of mobile computers, only Matebook fromHuawei and Apple MacBook offer the best audio experience. At the same time, comparing laptops 1: 1, to clearly determine whether the difference between them is significant. I concluded that the MacBook is still the best in the league if it comes to the built-in speakers.

    Productivity in practice

    I tested the Microsoft Surface configurationLaptop 2 with an average value: quad-core Intel Core i5 8-generation processor, in combination with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD-drive. I could not say that the laptop did not have enough power to perform the tasks assigned to it.

    Of course, this is an editing in 4K, at the same time opening 25 bookmarks in Chrome or allowing you to play at the highest graphic settings. However, while we are working with the office suite, sticking to a rational number of tabs in the browser, and mounting video in Full HD (or 4K using a proxy server), Surface Laptop 2 performs tasks without hesitation.

    Without too much trouble, I also launched older or less demanding games like TES V: Skyrim, Firewatch, or Alan Wake (of course, in Full HD and mid / low frequencies).

    Interestingly, the Laptop 2 is distinguished by a better workingculture than Surface Pro 6, which I tested in an identical configuration. The fan is silent most of the time, and when it is turned on, the sound is not annoying. The hull is also heated to a much lesser extent, although this may be caused by a physically larger area through which heat is released.

    Keyboard and trackpad

    My job is primarily writing texts andphoto editing. Through this prism, I evaluate every computer that falls into my hands. As for printing, Surface Laptop 2 is the absolute best device I have ever tested.

    This feature consists of two factors: screen 3: 2, which contains more content vertically than most displays, and a keyboard. I want to say bluntly: the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 keyboard is a masterpiece of engineering art. Perfectly balanced, with a perfect move and a good answer.

    Alcantara coating improves experience onthis computer is Microsoft than on any other. Even Surface Book 2 and Thinkpad X1 Carbon, equipped with excellent keyboards, are not as good as the Laptop 2. The laptop is simply created to be a mobile typewriter.

    I can leave a little less flattering reviews abouttrackpad. The touchpad with support for gestures Windows Precision is very good, and compared to many competitors - excellent, but it can not be compared with the touchpad in the Surface Book 2, Matebook X Pro or the unsurpassed MacBook.

    The system does not cause problems

    I test about a dozen computers on Windows10 per year, sometimes more. The sad truth is that usually you have to deal with the “windows” on the unfinished equipment of the partners. These are problems with the firmware, unexpected BIOS update and tons of unnecessary applications from the manufacturer.

    If you evaluate Windows 10 not through the prism of softwaremost partners, the operating system may really like it. And if every Windows laptop behaved like Surface, macOS supporters would lose the main argument why it’s better to stay with Apple hardware.

    For several weeks of work, Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 never surprised me with an error message, a problem with drivers or an unexpected update. Windows 10 on Surface behaves well.

    I am also very happy that Laptop 2 is providedcustomers version of Windows 10 Home or Pro (depending on whether we buy the laptop privately or on behalf of the company). The first laptop was offered with a truncated Windows 10S, which did not match the capabilities of this computer.

    The quality of the camera in combination with WindowsHello is also fascinating. Surface Laptop 2 is ready to work at the same second, for which we will lift the lid of the laptop. Unlocking happens instantly, even in complete darkness.

    Battery autonomy

    In daily use, we can alsocount on long working hours. Without much effort, we get 8 hours away from the outlet with a combination of a text editor, browser, Spotify and almost the highest brightness of the panel.

    I also like the fact that Surface Laptop 2charging through the magnetic connector; I hope that Microsoft will not abandon this decision in the future, because it can not only save the device from an unexpected flight on a hard floor.

    Let's talk about the shortcomings of Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

    Fortunately, there are not so many of them. This is very good, because, spending from 85 to 200 thousand. rubles for a mobile computer (the tested configuration costs 110 thousand rubles), we expect it to be as close as possible to perfection.

    However, I found several problems. The first and most important connectors are: Surface Laptop 2 offers only one USB-A port, a mini-jack and a miniDP connector. As in the case of Surface Pro 6, I think it is absurd that the Laptop 2 does not have a Thunderbolt 3 slot or USB-C.

    As for the equipment that debuted at2018, options for connecting accessories are very archaic. I also do not understand why there is no slot for an SD card. In a small Surface Pro 6, I can take it, but in the Laptop 2 there would definitely be a place for such a connector.

    I also understand why Surface Laptop 2 does not have a dedicated graphics processor, this is due to the fact that the device debuted before the Nvidia MX150 spread to mobile computers.

    Like Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2 alsoShows high battery consumption when streaming video over Wi-Fi. While in the office we can work for a long time, when watching TV shows and clips on YouTube, the battery often exhausts itself after 4 hours.

    I also noticed a defect in the design, which is notinterferes with everyday use, but may have negative consequences in the future. Around the screen of the Laptop 2, we will not find the typical rubber pads that protect the panel on most mobile computers - here the display is “placed” directly on the keyboard.

    And since we are talking about the durability of MicrosoftSurface Laptop 2, I am afraid that the laptop is very mediocre. The iFixit service evaluated the first generation of Surface Laptop (with the same design) as “incorrigible,” in the event of a breakdown, the device is poorly restored.

    I also have doubts about Alcantara -if it is beautiful, pleasant to the touch, then it will have to be cleaned when the material gets dirty. I have the impression that after several months of intensive use of the edge of the laptop, where Alcantara is mixed with aluminum, it may also cease to look beautiful.


    In the ultrabook segment with Windows 10, basicallyOnly Huawei's Matebook X Pro can compare to Surface Laptop 2 in terms of quality and attention to detail. Over 110 thousand rubles. we get a laptop that does not differ in beauty and functionality from the more expensive MacBook Air, significantly exceeds its performance and offers a better keyboard.

    Surface Laptop 2 is a great offer for thosewho expects a combination of sufficient performance, beautiful appearance and mobility from a laptop. The Microsoft hardware here perfectly matches the requirements.

    And although I personally prefer Surface Pro 6 becauseSmaller and more interesting forms, for most buyers looking for a premium ultrabook in a classic (but not regular) edition, Laptop 2 will be the best choice.

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