Microsoft Surface Duo Partial Opening (Video)

High-tech companies are reluctantreveal the technical specifications of their latest devices. This also applies to Microsoft, which provides limited information about the capabilities of the Surface Duo folding device, which has two displays. Currently, it is reliably known that the gadget will run on the Android operating system with a specific shell similar to the Windows 10X interface.

However, as it is almost alwayshappens with news, information comes from insider sources. Information about the Surface Duo was presented on Twitter by a WalkingCat user who unveiled a partially open video with notifications that appear automatically on the right screen. Thus, to view messages, the user does not have to fully open the device.

- WalkingCat (@ h0x0d) February 26, 2020
When working with phone calls forSurface Duo users are introduced the ability to answer an incoming call in the open state. At the same time, closing the device leads to rejection of the call, which allows you to programmatically refuse to introduce another display on the outside of the gadget, as is implemented in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The official presentation of Surface Duo will most likely be held by Microsoft at the May Build Developer Conference.

Source: TheVerge