Microsoft slowed down all the flash drives in Windows 10. How to speed them up again?

The other day, Microsoft officially announced thatWindows 10 users can safely remove external drives without first pressing the “safe removal” button. A new feature appeared at the end of last year (update 1809), however, it has become known only now. After the update, it is activated by default, although the company does not say that the function “slows down” the operation of flash drives for ease of use. A logical question appears: how to speed it up?

Why flash drive is slow

In delete mode without using safeextraction operating system does not use a caching procedure. In other words, the information is not placed in the temporary storage in order to subsequently be promptly requested again. Therefore, this change leads to a decrease in the speed of recording information on flash drives, external hard drives and so on.

How to speed up flash drive

Fortunately, Microsoft did not forget about theirusers and left the ability to switch the mode of operation with the media on the productive. The only drawback is that it is not easy to do this without instructions, and it will be necessary to activate the optimal performance mode for EACH external device separately. Yes, for each flash drive, each disk.

To speed up your flash drive, after itconnect to the computer, run the "Device Manager". There find the subsection "Disk devices", determine the name of the connected media and right-click. In the menu that appears, select "Properties".

Then you need to switch to the "Policy" tab, where to choose the preferred mode (optimal performance) and click "OK".

Of course, you are free to choose what is for you.more importantly - high performance or quick removal of flash drives. By the way, use the "safe extraction"? Write in the comments and in our Telegram-chat.