Microsoft showed the work of the gaming streaming service Project xCloud (video)

The other day, Microsoft held an eventMicrosoft Inside Xbox, which showed the operation of Project xCloud. This streaming gaming service will help users stream games to consoles, mobile devices and computers.

xCloud was announced by the manufacturer back inlast year, however, details of the development were not voiced. Although Satya Nadella, who heads the company, promised to launch a testing service this year. Determine the timing of a full-fledged launch of the Microsoft product, apparently, is not yet ready. However, forced to rush because of competition with other manufacturers.

The event featured streamingForza Horizon 4 games on an Android device with an Xbox One controller connected via Bluetooth. The process was processed in Azure data centers. The game is no different from the traditional process on the console or PC. Vice President of Microsoft Gaming Cloud Karim Choudri said that the new product will not replace the console, but simply give users new ways to play on the Xbox.