Microsoft showed the main innovations at the Build 2019 conference (9 pics + 3 videos)

On the opened Microsoft Build 2019 conferenceRepresentatives of the software corporation presented the latest technological developments in the field of artificial intelligence, cloud technologies and other advanced industries. Along with the development of technology direction, Microsoft intends to take measures that increase security. An example of this is the SDK ElectionGuard platform, which is used to protect elections from unauthorized influence, but allowing full access to the vote for everyone.

Cloud platform Azure allows you to increase the efficiency of any process. Microsoft demonstrated a smart store equipped with interactive refrigerators, on the screens of which all the most important information for the customer is displayed.


The Azure platform will be involved in the partnerprogram with a network company Starbucks. So, using a special code on the package with coffee, it will be possible to fully trace the entire path of coffee beans from a particular plantation to delivery to a point of sale. This will avoid counterfeit and will make the logistics of the goods transparent, which is in the hands of both the seller and the exacting curious buyer.

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In addition, visitors using mobileThe application of a coffee shop and having certain taste preferences or exceptions (not susceptibility of dairy products, peanuts, honey, etc.) the platform will recommend appropriate food and beverages.

However, on this collaboration Starbucks andMicrosoft will not end. Machine learning will allow Starbucks to plan deliveries of products and raw materials to each specific coffee house. This will take into account many parameters: location, time, day of the week, national characteristics and many other factors. Starbucks makes extensive use of advanced Microsoft technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and is implementing blockchain technology.

Platform Azure speech will allow for duplicate online meetingsfor two or more participants. In this case, all negotiations will be saved in text format. The smart system perceives and translates not only literary speech, but also slang expressions.

Cloud technologies are now actively used in conjunction with mixed reality. So headset Hololens Philips came to the rescue whennon-invasive surgeries, providing physicians with up-to-date information about the patient’s vital signs. In addition, using HoloLens helmets, smartphones and laptops, several people can hold a joint virtual conference while working with a digital 3D-model. Such a possibility is indispensable in the design of buildings, in medicine, during repair work.

Voice assistants in the future will become more universal, and fora corresponding program will be created for each specific task. Such specialization will simplify work with voice assistants, who will also have the opportunity to communicate with the owner, for example, they can ask for clarification of the task. Communication will be completely similar to everyday conversation.

Cloud technologies will transfer to a new level collaboration inthe office. So, the Visual Studio application allows you to edit codes on any computer in real time. The feature is available on both Windows and Mac, and Visual Studio Online also works with iPad.

Introduced and new browser features Edgewhich now works on the open engineChromium and is able to support the functionality of the previous Internet Explorer browser. The changes affected the privacy regime. Now the user will be able to establish three degrees of confidentiality: full access, complete ban and partial access of sites to private information.

Function Collections make it easier to collect information on the Internetand effective. The resulting information can be sorted and work with her. For example, selecting links to online stores can be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet, where all data can be sorted by date, price, link, and rating.