Microsoft refused to support the classic version of Skype (3 photos)

The life cycle of any software productlimited But in the case of especially popular applications, users don’t want to put up with it - it’s difficult to give up habits. However, Microsoft Skype Classic’s branded messenger will no longer be supported by the manufacturer.

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All users of version 7.4 officially proposed to switch to a more current version 8. Or refuse to use the application altogether. Holders of the classic version have already received the relevant proposals at its launch. However, in the opinion of many users, the new version did not become better than the previous one. The popular Split View option (split-window mode) in it functions only on Windows 10. If you have operating system version 8 / 8.1 or 7, you cannot use it.

"Classic" is still working if you download Skypeversion But finding it is real only on third-party sites, which is somewhat risky. From the official pages of Microsoft it has already been removed. So the update authors are trying to motivate people to use Windows 10.

True, anyway, it will still have to do it. Early next year, support for Windows 7 will also cease.