Microsoft Project Scarlet Xbox

At the last events of the E3 2019 conference in Los Angeles, technology giant Microsoft announced the Project Scarlet gaming console of the ninth generation of the Xbox series.

The main advantage of the future console will be in4 times higher power than Xbox One X, which allows you to reduce the download speed of games four times. Such high performance is achieved by installing the Zen 2 processor, the Navi graphics card from AMD, the GDDR 6 RAM and the new generation SSD.

According to the developers, the Project consoleScarlet supports 8K games at 120 frames per second and ray tracing. At the same time from the teaser presented by Microsoft, it becomes clear that all games from previous Xbox will be available for Project Scarlet.
The release of the Project Scarlet console is scheduled for the end of 2020, along with the long-awaited game of Halo Infinite.