Microsoft offers eternal glass storage media

The problem of reliable and durable data storageon low-cost media, it takes developers all over the world, due to the rapid increase in the volume of information requiring long-term preservation. Microsoft achieved its first successes in the implementation of the Project Silica project, the goal of which is to create information carriers based on quartz glass.

The first real result of the efforts of engineers fromMicrosoft began to record on a glass surface the digitalized movie "Superman", released in 1978. A motion picture without quality reduction will be preserved for hundreds of years.

The use of crystalline quartz asThe information keeper is explained by two main reasons. Such media are based on a strong, wear-resistant and durable material that does not change its physical characteristics for a long time. Solid quartz glass can withstand boiling in hot water, baking in the oven, microwave, immersion in water, demagnetization and other environmental threats that can destroy priceless historical archives or cultural treasures. And the second factor is the low cost of the material and its widespread availability.

The principle of data storage on quartz mediasimilar to recording on traditional vinyl records and CDs, and information is recorded using 3D laser engraving. However, overwriting or changing data is not possible. The number of readings of information, without absolutely no loss of quality - is infinite. Such parameters turn quartz media into an ideal repository of a huge stock of data created by mankind.

The unique properties of quartz carriers allowstore gigantic state archives, medical histories of all the inhabitants of the Earth, feature films, libraries and scientific data, the volumes of which are growing rapidly and require inexpensive and reliable storage.

Source: microsoft