Microsoft Liquid Folding Gadget

Secret competition between technologicalthe giants in the development of folding screens for mobile devices continues. Some companies, such as Samsung and Huawei, have come closer to one degree or another to launching such devices in mass production. Meanwhile, Microsoft is still only developing its own technologies for creating folding displays.

Microsoft developers have registered a patentto the original hinge for the screens of the Surface device, which will subsequently allow the transfer of technology to other companies. The success of the new device largely depends on the design of the swivel, which was once again proved by the failure of the Galaxy Fold smartphone.

In the technical part of the patent from Microsoft in detaildescribes the design and individual parts of the hinge. In particular, material will be placed between the surface of the bending screen and the hinge structure to reinforce this area, subject to cyclic loads.

Hinged folding Surfacea cavity filled with liquid or gas is provided. Moreover, the developers claim that this will not be a special substance, any liquid or gas can be used as a filler of the hinge cavity. The presence of fluid in the hinge will provide improved adaptation of the screen surface to various positions and will reduce the bending radius. Using a fluid-filled hinge will extend the life of the flexible screen.

Microsoft Technology Licensing Patent Pendingwhich will provide an opportunity for third-party companies to use technology to create their devices. Microsoft at the same time not only receives royalties, but also assigns part of the market to its own development of the Windows Lite operating system, designed to work on devices with folding displays. The prototypes of flexible screens from Microsoft themselves can be presented at the next presentation of the company, scheduled for October 2, 2019.