Microsoft is developing alternative input devices (3 photos)

Developers of leading high-techthe company is constantly looking for the design of new data input systems and computer control systems that can increase the efficiency of human-machine communication.

Microsoft engineers registered a smart patentgloves, which in the future can replace modern control and input devices, such as a mouse, gamepad, touch screen or keyboard. The technical description of the Microsoft patent states that using a glove, it will be possible to control multiple devices using tactile communication and vibration.

The glove will also be equipped with built-inmicrophones for voice recognition and voice commands. Built-in cameras of various operating principles can also be used: stereoscopic 3D or infrared. This will help to effectively recognize commands with gestures.

The patent indicates availabilitywork using special trackers for the head and eyes and assess brain activity. In this case, accelerometers and gyroscopes are used to help in the recognition of movements. Microsoft has not yet announced the prospects for future development.

Source: MSPowerUser