Microsoft introduced wireless headphones and a smartphone with two screens

What do you associate autumn with? For some, this is another depressing time with a bunch of yellowed maple leaves, but for technology lovers this is the season of presentations from major electronics manufacturers. In early September, Apple introduced the world to new iPhone models, and at the end of the month, Amazon announced new “smart” speakers that are useful even in the toilet. Now the time has come for Microsoft - on October 2, it successfully hosted an event in which it introduced six new devices from the Surface family. Among them were wireless headphones like Apple AirPods and even a smartphone with a folding display.

The same Microsoft smartphone with two displays. Already interested?

No, we were not mistaken - Microsoftreally returned to the smartphone market again. The last few years, nothing interesting has been happening in this area, because manufacturers seem to have forgotten how to experiment and just started updating processors, cameras and other elements of devices and passing off all this as new. In one of our materials, we even assumed that if this continues further, people will stop buying smartphones at all. It seems that Microsoft decided to try to save the situation and introduced interesting innovations like a dual display not only in a smartphone, but also in other devices.

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  • 1 Surface Dual Smartphone
  • 2 Updated Surface Laptops 3
  • 3 Surface Pro 7 tablet for work tasks
  • 4 Surface Pro X Hybrid Tablet
  • 5 Surface Neo Hybrid Tablet
  • 6 Surface Earbuds Wireless Headphones

Surface Dual Smartphone

Hints of the coming out of a Microsoft smartphone withTwo displays appeared a long time ago. For example, in 2017, journalists found on the Internet a patent application of the company to use a special hinge to connect two displays. It may well be that this technology was used in the Surface Dual smartphone, the price of which is still being kept secret.

By the way, the company could fasten two displays in a more interesting way

The device is really equipped with two displays withdiagonal of 5.6 inches. When folded, the device looks like a notebook with the Microsoft logo, but there is one to open it, it turns into a full-fledged tablet. The company has long abandoned the mobile version of Windows, so the smartphone runs on the Android system. By the way, on each screen you can open two different applications.

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Technical specifications Surface Dual yetunknown. However, you should not worry about possible weakness, because the company would not equip a device with bad hardware on which many people clearly want to run games. Such a desire will clearly arise for the owners, because by placing the opened smartphone horizontally, one screen will show the gameplay, and the other will play the role of a controller.

Updated Laptops Surface Laptop 3

In 2017, Microsoft Surface Laptopentered the top ten devices according to Time magazine. The third generation of the device became even better and got two versions with 13.5 and 15 inch displays. The younger model, worth about 65,000 rubles, acquired a 10th generation Intel processor. The older version for 78,000 rubles, as it is not surprising, turned out to be more powerful thanks to a special version of the AMD Ryzen processor.

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USB Type-C port first appeared on laptops -finally they have become truly modern. Microsoft representatives assured that the battery lasts for a day of use, and one hour of downtime in charging mode will recharge the battery energy by 80%. Among other innovations, it is worth highlighting the large trackpad and removable hard drive.

Surface Pro 7 tablet for work tasks

Times released last year Surface Pro 6gone - it was replaced by an updated, seventh version. Like its predecessor, the novelty has a display with a diagonal of 12.3 inches, but like the above laptops received support for the USB-C port. You can connect an external Surface Type Keyboard to the tablet, so it will probably be convenient to carry out work tasks on it. But the tablet is not only for office hard workers - it is convenient to draw on it with the Surface Pen.

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Representatives of the company made a special emphasis onthe presence of new microphones - they assure that the sound recorded on them has studio quality. In fact, this is a rather dubious innovation, because calls are of such high quality to anything, and professionals will still use external microphones. But the tablet can listen to speech and translate it into text, which should be very convenient. All this good will cost customers 49,000 rubles.

Surface Pro X Hybrid Tablet

Similar transformers capable of transforming fromtablet to laptop are manufactured by many companies. However, the Surface Pro X has one advantage - there are practically no frames around its 13-inch display. This means that watching videos on such a screen will be much more pleasant than from other devices. And apparently the novelty clearly looks more attractive than its competitors.

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Inside it is a special processorSurface SQ1, which is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx chip. The performance of the tablet promises to be on top, because during tests this product from Qualcomm showed the same power as the Intel Core i5 processor. A hybrid tablet and laptop for 65,000 rubles will clearly interest many with its compact dimensions and features like a removable hard drive, the presence of fast charging and a special recess for the Surface Slim stylus. In general, this is a very interesting device for fashion designers.

Surface Neo Hybrid Tablet

Microsoft, apparently, was not enough onefolding tablet - here's another one. This transformer has a different design and is generally similar to the aforementioned Surface Dual smartphone. Two huge displays with a diagonal of 9 inches supports working with the Surface Pen stylus, and if necessary, a keyboard attached to the body can be superimposed on top of the lower display.

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Apparently, Microsoft's hybrid tabletThe Surface Neo can be used roughly like an Apple MacBook Pro laptop. While typing, a person will have the opportunity to enter handwritten text and select emojis on the touch screen. You can come up with a lot of applications - write your use cases in our Telegram chat. This is really interesting.

Surface Earbuds Wireless Headphones

Releasing AirPods in 2016, Applecreated the standard of Bluetooth headphones. Even Microsoft tried to develop at least a little similar device. Of course, in addition to the minimalistic appearance, the company gave them exclusive opportunities. For example, with the help of taps and swipes on the headphones, users can not only switch tracks, but also manage PowerPoint presentations.

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Microsoft headphones are also capable of translatingspoken language from 60 different languages. If you always have a carrying case with you, the energy supply should be enough for a day of use. As you can see, Surface Earbuds has more features than Apple AirPods. Therefore, it is not surprising that they cost a little more - about 16,000 rubles.

If you are not interested in Microsoft devices, check out our Yandex.Zen channel right now. There you will definitely find something interesting.

You may have noticed that the cost of somedevices are still unknown. This is not scary, because most of the new products will go on sale no earlier than the holiday season of 2020. In the USA, this period begins with Thanksgiving (celebrated on the second Monday of October) and continues until the New Year. In Russia, the aforementioned devices will not be officially sold at all.