Microsoft introduced three new devices of the Surface series (2 photos + video)

Microsoft introduced three new devices:Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Studio 2+. While the Surface Pro 9 is very similar to last year's Surface Pro 8, it is offered with updated 12th Gen Intel processors or new SQ 5G ARM chips.

The SQ chip was last seen in the Surface Pro X2020, a computer that was both beautiful and frustrating due to the poor compatibility of Windows software with Arm chips.

Weird - Surface Pro 9 no longer existsheadphone jack. This appears to be a direct result of Microsoft bundling the Intel and Arm versions of the Surface Pro 9 into the same chassis. The Surface Pro X never had a 3.5mm jack. But I'd say it's a more controversial omission this time around.

The Surface Pro X case was a bit small at the time.thinner. So removing the 3.5mm jack made sense. But now we've lost the headphone jack from the case, which is nearly identical in size to last year's model. Couldn't they have put him somewhere?