Microsoft introduced the game controller Xbox Elite Controller 2 (video)

In addition to the ninth generation Xbox Project Scarlet game console, at the E3 2019 conference in Los Angeles, Microsoft announced the second generation Xbox Elite Controller gamepad.

In the updated game controller mode is availablebutton adjustments to the individual needs of a particular player. In this case, a gamer can not only change the "cross" and joystick, but also adjust the sensitivity of all the elements of the gamepad, up to the trigger, responsible for firing.

Special “petals” on the controller canduplicate button functions and be customized by the player depending on the need for running, reloading, or interacting with game objects. An interesting feature of an elite controller is the ability to save settings for individual games in one of three cells and select the one you need at the beginning of the game.

A rechargeable battery is installed in the gamepad, allowing the user to continuously play for up to 40 hours. Battery charging is available via USB-C or using the docking station built into the case.

The price of the Xbox Elite Controller 2 is only 180 dollars and the controller will go on sale on November 4, 2019.