Microsoft has developed “fluid hinges” for folding devices. Foldable Surface just around the corner?

Back at the beginning of this year, devices with foldingdisplays seemed that breath of fresh air which will help mobile devices to make the next revolutionary leap, giving a new experience of use. However, after the not very successful release of the first such gadgets, it became clear that the technology needed refinement. And, it is quite possible that Microsoft will be able to create a truly massive product, which is working hard on the technology of "liquid loops". And this technology looks very, very interesting.

Is Microsoft preparing a Surface folding tablet? Quite possible

What are liquid loops?

For the first time, a new development was noticed by the authors of the portalWindowsUnited in one of the company's patents. Some time ago, there were rumors that the company wants to introduce a device from the Surface line with two screens. But, apparently, the data was incorrect (or not completely true), and the software giant is also preparing a folding gadget. Moreover, according to the patent (the figure of which is available below), the company came up with special loops that have liquid inside the components and a layer of liquid covering them outside.

Microsoft patent describing the principles of the new technology of "fluid loops"

This structure is due to the fact that, in comparisonwith ordinary loops, such “liquid loops” will give much less load at the bend due to the presence of liquid. This will increase the service life of the folding screens and significantly reduce the wear of the components of both the display itself and other parts and parts involved in bending due to the “constant lubrication” of the hinge fluid. What do you think of folding devices? Will they become a product for the mass market or remain a “toy” for enthusiasts? Write your opinion in our chat in Telegram.

It is also worth noting another important fact. The patent is marked “Microsoft technology licensing,” which implies the fact that Microsoft can license it to its partners. The company is currently working with several manufacturers, and some of them are reported to launch new flexible devices running Windows Lite early next year. At the same time, third-party devices may be called Centaurus, while Microsoft reserves the right to name its Surface gadgets. And if so, then, as we know, before the start of sales, a presentation of the device should take place. And here we come to the most interesting

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Microsoft has long been announceda special conference dedicated to the once again updated Surface range. The event is already scheduled for early October 2019, which means that it will not be long to wait. In addition, company representatives have already hinted that “something special” awaits us at this event. I would like to hope that Microsoft will succeed in creating a decent flexible device (even for the corporate market). I would not want a promising technology to become history, without having time to become something massive and interesting.