Microsoft continues to mock Apple iPad Pro in another commercial (video)

In January of this year, Microsoft resumedan advertising campaign with elements of criticism and direct trolling of Apple computers. The historical confrontation between PCs and Macintosh computers on the advertising field began in 2006-2010, when a real "battle of the giants" unfolded between high-tech firms. Apple's "Get a Mac" ad campaign was the basis for a larger standoff known as "Mac vs PC".

This year Microsoft took overApple's sarcastic demeanor and in January released the first video in which an African-American teenager trolled the Apple MacBook Pro, showing its flaws against the backdrop of the proprietary "gaming" tablet Surface Pro 7. Now the same teenager appeared in the next video in which the same Surface Pro 7 confronts Apple iPad Pro.

In advertising, 30 seconds longtalks about the benefits of Surface Pro 7, which "can not be" in the iPad Pro tablets. First of all, the boy points out the presence of a convenient stand in the Surface Pro 7, which provides comfort when working with the tablet. In this case, the Apple product will always have to be held in hand.

Attention is also focused on convenient connectionkeyboard to Surface Pro 7, for which it simply leans against a special connector. The external keyboard of the iPad Pro has a much greater weight and dimensions and, according to the actor, is a "completely different" device. Also, Microsoft did not fail to recall the presence of several connectors in the Surface Pro 7, while adapters and adapters are required to connect peripherals to the iPad.

In the video, the red line is the idea thatSurface Pro 7 can be used both as a full-fledged laptop and as a tablet, while Apple's device remains only a tablet and does not “pull” on a full-fledged computer. In addition, the Apple iPad Pro will be priced at $ 999, while the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 will cost the consumer $ 750, or $ 880 with a keyboard.

It is noteworthy that the African American boyhe shyly kept silent about the technical parameters of the products and did not mention the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 hardware platform based on the Intel Core i3 processor, which is significantly inferior to the iPad Pro hardware platform. Another undoubted advantage of Apple tablets is the battery life, which significantly exceeds the indicators of competitors.