Microsoft celebrated the 25th anniversary of Windows 95 and showed how the operating system interface has changed over this time

This week, August 24, the operating systemWindows 95 is 25 years old. First introduced in 1995, Windows 95 has now evolved into the current version of Windows 10, released in July 2015. Microsoft celebrated its anniversary with a short video illustrating the changes in the most common operating system. In the first weeks after the release of Windows 95, over 7 million copies of the operating system were officially sold.

Movie, 38 seconds long,demonstrates the transformation of the original gray Start menu button, the trash can icon, as well as the popular Paint application, Minesweeper and Solitaire games. The process of transforming the Windows flag logo into four blue squares is also shown. Many of the ideas pioneered in Windows 95 are still in use today. These are the Plug and Play standard, and data synchronization between different devices, and the standard placement of the taskbar at the bottom edge of the screen, and Explorer, which replaced the file manager.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the operating system releasedSee also a special interview on the Windows Insider podcast, with two Windows 95 developers, software engineers Raymond Chen and Chris Guzak, who continue to work at Microsoft.

Source: cnet