Microsoft and Adidas unveil second Xbox 20th anniversary sneaker (4 photos + video)

Microsoft is actively preparing forcelebrating Xbox's 20th anniversary, and back in May partnered with Adidas to launch several lines of sneakers inspired by the popular video game console. The collaboration between Microsoft and Adidas will result in three series of athletic shoes.

The first 20th Forum Tech model was presented atOctober, released in a limited edition and intended as a gift to selected people. The companies have now announced a second model, the Xbox 360 Forum Mid, in the style of the Xbox 360. The shoe is also available in limited editions and is available online in the US and Canada starting November 4th.

Xbox 20th Anniversary Official Celebrationa third shoe will also be unveiled, which will adhere to the Series X console design. The shoe will be available for purchase from anywhere in the world. Microsoft also plans to release anniversary accessories and mini-coolers in the Xbox Series X form factor.

Newly Released Xbox 360 Forum SneakersMid, as the name implies, are dedicated to the Xbox 360 console, and their designs and colors match the specifications of the console. The Xbox 360 Forum Mid has a bright green outsole and a white upper with silver accents.

The upper strap of the sneaker contains the imagedrive for disks. The outside of the shoe features the classic Xbox 360 buttons and vents. The heel of the shoe is crafted in a design reminiscent of the console's hard drive and RAM connectors.

Microsoft's official post claimsthat users will be able to find many more details related to the game console on the Xbox 360 Forum Mid. The model is sold with four additional pairs of laces in red, yellow, green and blue to match the color of the buttons on the Xbox 360 controller.