Microsoft unveils Xbox Series X user interface (video)

Microsoft Corporation in the run-up tothe official sale of the Xbox Series X console, before the start of which there are several weeks left, continues to acquaint users with the capabilities of the console. On the official Xbox channel, there is a video with a "step-by-step" guide to working with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S platform, with an updated interface and design of the console control panel.

The home screen on Xbox Series X is similarthe PlayStation 5 interface introduced earlier in mid-October. The user will be able to see the latest launched gaming applications, news and library. Pressing the Xbox button takes you to a menu that lets you switch between games, chat with friends, and see who's online.

Xbox Series X and Series S will haveCustomizable dynamic themes are available and will continue to grow in the future. The backward compatibility function is available from the beginning of work with the STB. The video shows the launch of the shooter Gears 5 in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with the highest resolution textures previously only available from a computer. Open-world survival simulator Subnautica showcased the power of Auto HDR technology, introducing HDR into older gaming applications.

Using the Share button on your controllerwill allow you to take a screenshot with one click. If you press the key for a long time, video recording starts. All footage goes to cloud storage and can be accessed from a smartphone through a special application.
The Xbox Store has also been updated to improve app performance and speed up game downloads.