Microsoft responded to jokes about Xbox Series X with the release of three refrigerators in the design of the console (2 videos)

Microsoft quickly responded tonumerous memes circulated on the Internet about the unusual appearance of the future Xbox Series X. The company released huge refrigerators made in the design of the console and sent them to the studio of the popular YouTube channel iJustine, which regularly reviews high-tech gadgets and the famous rapper Snoop Dog.

Thus, the wit of social usersnetworks regarding the new design of Xbox Series X, was beaten by Microsoft representatives and profitably used to continue advertising the console, which will start selling in less than a month. Over a few days, the video of unpacking the refrigerator-set-top box in the iJustine studio was viewed by more than a million users. The channel has a total of 6.7 million subscribers.

Snoop Dogg has an Xbox Series X fridge

- Wario64 (@ Wario64) October 24, 2020
Microsoft has released its answerwitty memes, turning a joke into a real product. The refrigerator, received by iJustine, was hidden in a huge box with a design similar to that of the box. The fridge itself is completely the same design as the Xbox Series X console, on a massive scale. At the same time, manufacturers have retained not only the external similarity of the refrigerator and the attachment. The interior lighting has an Xbox signature green tint, and the console's launch sound is heard when the doors are opened.

The refrigerator set-top box is released in triplicate. One stays on iJustine, one gets the Snoop Dog rapper, and the third will be drawn by Microsoft on the day the Xbox Series X hits the market.

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