Microsoft and SpaceX to jointly create a cloud network based on Starlink space satellites

Two world leaders in the sectorhigh-tech products, Microsoft and SpaceX have teamed up to create a cloud network based on space communications satellites. SpaceX's Starlink Global Internet Project will be integrated with Microsoft's new global Azure Space project, which aims to open up the world of space technology to all companies in the world.

The main idea of ​​the Microsoft and SpaceX partnershipwill create a reliable communication system between terrestrial resources and the cloud, taking advantage of the global Starlink satellite network. In addition, the network facilities of Azure and SpaceX ground stations will be combined, significantly expanding the operational capabilities of the Starlink network.

Thus, even at the stage of testing the systemStarlink for the USA and Canada, when “only” 833 satellites were launched into orbit (less than 7% of the initial number of 12 thousand), Elon Musk's company received one of the most reputable partners in the high-tech market.

Microsoft Azure Space's Global InitiativeSatellite Internet also includes work with companies such as the world's largest satellite operator SES, KSAT, Viasat and US EIectrodynamics. As a result of the implementation of Azure, space technologies will be actively integrated into modern business, as well as widely used in everyday life.

Source: microsoft